Whether you want to be transported in a modest town car or a full-blown, stretched-out SUV limousine on your wedding day, you’ll want to ensure ahead of time that your first drive together as a married couple will be a memorable one.

Your budget will largely determine what type of vehicle you can secure, be it something classic like a stretched Cadillac or Lincoln limousine, or something flashier like a stretched-out SUV, such as a Hummer H2 or Lincoln Navigator.

Many rental companies tend to get booked quickly during the spring and summer peak periods, so don’t let your wedding get too near before booking your transportation for the day.

Compare prices among firms for similar vehicles, but don’t make a decision on price alone, experts say. Look for a well-established company that maintains a large fleet of newer vehicles – the firm usually will be more reliable and be able to provide a ready replacement if your limo gets sidelined. Ask whether the company carries liability and medical insurance for their vehicles’ passengers, and always seek references from recent customers.

Make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting for the quoted price. Most companies charge by the hour, with a three-hour minimum.

Be sure to inspect the vehicle you’ll be renting to ensure that it’s in good shape and includes the amenities you’re promised. Be sure there’s enough room for all riders to fit comfortably.

Don’t ignore the details, such as whether the driver will be dressed in a uniform or dark suit (instead of a T-shirt and jeans). Can you consume alcoholic beverages in the limo? Can you hang a “Just Married” sign or other decorations on the vehicle?

Finally, be sure to read the rental contract thoroughly before signing. It should denote the make, model and year of the vehicle, the date of service, pick-up times and locations, all costs involved (including the deposit) and, heaven forbid, the company’s cancellation policies.

Do your homework now and when your big day comes you’ll be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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