So, you just got engaged. You’re eager and ready to start planning the big day, so you head over to your trusty wedding Pinterest board. The question is-- how do you take these concepts and ideas and make them a plan?

Many women begin planning their dream wedding years before meeting the man of their dreams-- whether it be scrapbooking, Pinterest mapping, or even just discussing details with their girlfriends. However, it can be difficult to navigate how to bring these concepts, ideas, notes, and details together to create a beautiful wedding. Not to worry, there are a few different ways to approach Pinterest Planning with the end goal of beginning the actual wedding planning process.

1. Manage Current Boards

If you are a Pinterest veteran, you probably have one or two “Wedding Ideas” boards to your name already. These are salvageable, even if they began when you were in high school and had some extra time on your hands. Go through these boards and see if any pins stick out to you to this day, and add them to a new overarching wedding board. This way you can pay homage to ideas that you had when you were younger if they still interest you.

2. Organization

Organizing your wedding Pinterest board can be a bit subjective. How to go about this depends on if you would prefer one large board of ideas, or multiple boards to separate different aspects of wedding planning. For example, would you rather have separate boards for hair and makeup, wedding dress ideas, venue inspiration, and cakes you adore? If so, go ahead and create separate boards for each idea. If you’d rather create one large board, it may be beneficial to only add your favorite ideas in order to keep it concise.

3. Start Pinning

It’s time to go crazy! Okay, not too crazy. When you begin pinning ideas to your board/boards, it’s easy to add every single thing that is slightly appealing to your wedding-planning eye. This could make for overwhelming decisions later, and quick burnout/ idea overload. Start small, and only pin the best ideas that you come across. Things that you could actually see working for your big day. However, this is arguably the most fun part of the wedding planning process. Have fun with it! Really think through the photos that you come across and if you can or can not live without incorporating a bit of that inspiration into your wedding. This mindset will help you narrow down ideas and curate your feed to your preferences and interests.

Once the pins are placed, you are on your way down Wedding Planning Road. The beginning of the process can be made easy using Pinterest, and can give you a great idea of your future aesthetic/ theme/ details you can’t live without. As far as timeline goes, suggests brides to begin planning at least 12 months prior to the set wedding date. If you fall into this range, download the Pinterest app and start tapping!

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