You’ve finally reached one of the most fun stages of wedding planning, and that’s creating your wedding registry. According to, this is a guaranteed stress-free portion of preparing for your special day. After all, who doesn’t want to pick out a bunch of nice gifts that they want and are almost guaranteed to receive?

Planning your wedding registry can be a fun activity to do as a couple. This is a way for both future newlyweds to get involved in the planning process, have a say in what they’d like in their future home, and start visualizing their lives together after marriage. It can be romantic, sweet, and exciting. You could even make a date night out of it!

But when it comes down to putting pen to paper (or clicking “add to list” on Amazon, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond), it’s difficult to know where to begin. Which gifts are too expensive, which ones are too cheap, and which ones do you want the public to know that you’re asking for? Here are five gifts to send you on your way!

1. An Air Fryer

An air fryer is on the less expensive side and is a great way to quickly cook at home. This is something that couples may be less prone to buying themselves but truly want in their kitchen. It’s great for leftovers and will thrive in that post-wedding, post-honeymoon lazy phase.

2. Cookware Set

Let’s face it, a full cookware set is a must. Get rid of the collective pile of pots and pans that your college roommates left behind, and let someone else invest in some sturdy, durable, nice appliances for you. They’re happy to do it, and you need it! You could also list a silverware set that matches to fully stock your future kitchen.

3. Comforter

Chances are, you need a new comforter. It’s never a bad idea to do a bedding refresh—especially if you’re moving into a new house or space with your fiancé before/ after your wedding. Pick out a nice comforter that you both love and can compromise on, and throw it on your list. Maybe this will inspire other bedding choices such as sheets, pillows, and throw blankets that you can add to the registry, too.

4. Bath Towels

Find a high-quality bath towel set to add to your wedding registry list, and trash the old towels you both have been collecting for years. This gift is perfect for your bathroom aesthetic and your hygiene! Plus, what’s better than fluffy new towels? Putting these on your registry means you can request the nice towels that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself but that you both deserve.

5. Vacuum

There’s always that one high-dollar ticket item on a wedding registry, so might as well throw a vacuum on there just for fun! Do your research and find a vacuum that is effective and beneficial to you and your partner’s cleaning routine. Then, prepare for the excitement of opening this gift after your wedding celebration!

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