Registering for gifts has been one of the most fun parts of wedding planning since Macy’s first introduced the wedding registry in 1924. However, with average age of brides and grooms on the rise, many couples find they don’t need many of the traditional gifts, like kitchenware and furniture, meant for starting a home.

For couples that already have a fully-equipped home, or simply have untraditional taste, here are eight unexpected gifts you can put your wedding wish.

1. Honeymoon Fund

Start married life off with your dream trip with the help of an online honeymoon registry like Rather than simply collect cash from guests, these sites allow guests to see exactly what they’re helping pay for, like hotel nights, scuba excursions or spa treatments.

2. One-of-a-kind Gifts

Think you really have everything? Register unique décor, furniture, glassware and more that you can’t find anywhere else on the popular site for artists and independent creators.

3. Outdoor Gear

If you and your partner share a passion for the great outdoors, your wedding wish list should reflect it. Ensure you’re properly equipped to paddle, hike, bike, camp or climb by registering for gear from a company like REI.

4. Charitable Causes

Use your nuptials as an occasion to give back to the causes near and dear to your heart by putting non-profits on your registry. Websites like The Good Beginning make it easy to research charities, create a registry and track donations for thank you purposes.

5. Fitness Memberships

If you’re the couple that loves to stay active, consider registering for items that keep you moving like a couple of National Park passes or gym memberships. Zola, a site of wedding-planning tools, even allows you to add SoulCycle class packs.

6. Tasty Subscriptions

Whether you’re both total foodies or just want to explore new culinary adventures together, there are plenty tasty treats to add to your registry, including meal kits like BlueApron, or monthly coffee or wine subscription boxes.

7. House Fund

Get one big step closer to buying your first home together by creating a house fund registry for a down payment with a site like Feather the Nest. Or, if you already have a place, you can register to raise funds for a major improvement project.

8. Pizza Party

You really can register for anything these days – even pizza. Dominos offers a wedding registry service that allows guests to pre-order a cheesy gift for customizable occasions like the bachelorette party, thank you card-a-thon or the wedding night.

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