It’s easy to fall in love with a scanner gun while setting up your registry. Cute pillows—zap! Wineglasses—zap! Outdoor grill—sure, zap!

Make sure you get the most out of your registry by avoiding these common gaffes.

1. You don’t take inventory of what you already have

“We suggest surveying your home first to see what items you’re missing and what could use upgrading,” says Jeremy Bare, group vice president of the wedding and gift registry at Macy’s. “This helps to create a registry of things that you actually need.”

2. You don’t register early enough

This is not a task to procrastinate. Bare suggests setting up a registry soon after your partner pops the question to cover engagement gifts. Try starting with a couple of items and then build on the registry throughout your engagement.

Bare’s rule of thumb: As you get closer to your wedding day, have at least twice as many items on your list as guests attending.

3. You limit your registry to one store

Whether it’s online or brick and mortar, one shopping destination won’t make gift givers happy, so give them two or three choices. Pick out different items at each store to avoid getting duplicates.

4. You don’t register at different price points

Having a variety of price points means there’s something for everyone’s budget. “Don’t be afraid to register for items at higher price points. Guests will often go in together to purchase the bigger gifts like rugs,” says Bare.

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