Wedding photography is a major industry right now, as every couple wants magical photos to remember each aspect of their big celebration. It’s important that the photographer can capture the vision that the bride and groom have for their wedding day. This includes capturing the aesthetic of the day, the wedding theme, and important moments from the bridal party and loved ones of the happy couple. There are a few ways to plan for hiring a wedding photographer to ensure that your special photograph memories will be taken care of.

1. Check Galleries

According to The Knot, it is first and foremost important to check to make sure that you like the photographer’s other photos. This is important because there may be various photographers in your area or willing to travel to you in your price range, but their photography style will ultimately be the deciding factor each time. That’s why it’s necessary to narrow down photographers by their styles first, and decide from there. After all, these photos will be what you share with friends and family to remember your wedding day for years-- it’s important that they are everything you want them to be.

Most photographers provide extensive galleries of previous weddings they’ve done, as well as their social media pages. It’d be beneficial to check both, as well as tagged photos that have been posted by previous clients of the photographers.

2. Price Range

After narrowing down photographers in your area by preferred style, figure out which ones fit into your price range. Many photographers will provide a price sheet or quote based on the couple’s needs, so it’ll be necessary to figure out exactly what you’d like from the photographer before contacting them for a quote. This might include videography, wedding party photos, candid shots during the ceremony and reception, close-up detail shots, portraits, etc. Decide on your personal price range, priorities, and how much your wedding budget will allow.

3. Availability

It’s a great idea to plan far ahead for photographers, as many talented photographers’ wedding season weekends book up far in advance. Once your wedding date is chosen, perhaps consider deciding upon and reaching out to your top 3-5 photographers after narrowing them down by galleries and price range. Check their availability and continue narrowing down and searching based on if they are open the day of your wedding. The sooner that your photographer is booked, the sooner you can begin collaborating with them on your special day and the vision and needs that you have for your wedding photos.

Finding a wedding photographer that makes couples feel comfortable and is able to deliver excellent photos to perfectly capture a wedding is important to many couples. The good news is, many talented photographers are willing and able to shoot weddings, and aren’t hard to find.

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