Maybe the romance of a vintage-themed wedding is what you’re going for or perhaps you’re looking to add a unique flair to your big day. Whatever your reason for incorporating vintage elements, one thing’s certain: You want to be able to capture all the details you spent precious time and money on. Here’s how to make sure your photos make a lasting impression.

Start with your photographer

While many photographers don’t specialize in shooting only vintage-styled photos for fear of limiting their business, photographer Nathan Petty says most can shoot in the style, if asked. “You want to look at the photographer’s portfolio and make sure that their style and photography is something you like,” Petty says. “Even if your theme is vintage, the photographer’s style is still going to come through in the pictures.”

Then ask how they’ll create a vintage look for you, Petty suggests. While he says there are different ways to do so, Petty adjusts the preset on his camera to create a vintage look. “I copy and paste the preset settings on my camera across the entire set of images and then fine-tune each image during processing and editing since sometimes the preset doesn’t work for a particular picture,” he explains.

Make time for props

While your photographer will do his part come picture time, your preparation is crucial. photographer Stephanie Mballo recommends telling your photographer about all props you plan to use in photos.

“You’ll need to hash out transporting the props, creating the setting and setting aside time during your wedding day to coincide with the best time for light at the location,” Mballo says. “A lot goes into creating the environment, and you want to give the photographer plenty of time to figure it all out.”

Consider rentals

If you don’t want to spend the time or money shopping online or at thrift and antique stores for vintage items, you can rely on rental companies for brainstorming your vintage vision and supplying props to delivering, setting up and cleaning up.

“Couples who try to do it all themselves end up spending a lot of money on items they may not want to keep like farm tables, fireplace mantels, and sofas,” said Heidi Wight, senior designer for Ira & Lucy Vintage Rentals, Event Design and Coordination.

Wright’s team makes a design board that pulls together ideas from their inventory and other sources to develop a whole concept from table and centerpiece ideas to ceremony design.

Whether you find all your vintage props yourself or turn to a vintage rental company, Wight says stick to your vision.

“When it comes to vintage, there’s no strict rules,” she says. “You can mix modern with old and add your own special touches. After all, that’s what makes it your day.”

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