Who said a guestbook has to be a guest book? While books have been the traditional way for couples to document the guests at their wedding, today the term guestbook has really evolved to include more creativity and an “anything goes” mindset.

Even though there’s always social media like Facebook or Instagram for documenting who was at your wedding, today’s couples are looking for guestbooks they can actually display. Why do a book that might just end up sitting in storage or on a bookshelf never to be looked at again? Make your wedding guests the centerpiece of your new home together by doing something you’ll be proud to display. Go simple with a signable frame mat, which you can find at any craft store, and use it to display your favorite wedding photo.

Chyrel Banias, founder of Chicago’s Lil Epic Designs, an event styling and planning company, says clients are looking for more ways to show off their personalities in their guestbooks.

“It could be creating unique artwork for their home, or heirloom pieces like quilt blankets and benches for guests to sign,” she says.

Another unique displayable idea she suggests to couples is to have a poster-sized print made of lyrics to their first dance songs (or favorite love song). Guests can sign the poster as if they’re musicians signing a band poster and newlyweds are left with a frame-able keepsake.

For a modern, creative take on a traditional guestbook, feature something that fits in with your wedding theme or interests. If you and your hubby-to-be love traveling, have people sign a globe. If you’re wine connoisseurs, collect wine corks for guests to sign and arrange them in a pattern (how cute would a heart be?) in a display.

For a more interactive version of a guestbook, combine various elements of your wedding entertainment together - like keeping Polaroid cameras by the photo booth so friends and family can snap a fun pic and sign it with a message to display as art in the future. You can also go with a fun message in a bottle idea (see Etsy for ideas like the DIY Message in a Bottle guestbook from Austin, Texas’ Carissa Designs Shop, perfect for weddings at breweries or wineries, according to the company).

For fun reading in the future, ask guests to combine their signatures with their two cents of marriage advice – or have friends and family share their fondest memories of you as a couple.

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