Over the top works for the wedding – but overpacking hinders the honeymoon.

To harmonize your honeymoon packing by minimizing what you bring.

Less is More

Don’t let baggage drag down romance. “The days of the trousseau are over. Airline fees, overweight suitcase charges and hoisting heavy luggage in tight overhead compartments has made downsizing in, if not downright sexy,” says the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown.

Keep valuables like iPods and jewelry in your carry-on and check the rest. Another item to keep close? A change of clothing, in case you arrive before your suitcases. And if your final destination involves sun and water, pack a bathing suit into your purse. “If there is a luggage problem you can stress over it poolside, stretched out on a lounge chair with a Mai Tai,” offers Brown.

With checked baggage, if packing something of importance like a video camera, bury it in the suitcase to protect it during travel. Brown also recommends splitting up the contents of each bag with half his and half hers. Then if one bag gets lost or delayed, no one goes bare until it’s arrival.

Luggage by Location

Island destinations pose the least packing challenges. Flip flops go with all outfits. For women, the sundress offers dual purpose. “Wear with sandals during the day for a casual look and switch to heels to make it ready for dinner and dancing,” says Brown. But tropical travelers need to pack for cooler climates too. Air conditioning feels refreshing at first but freezing later. Include a light cardigan, shawl or sweater in your wardrobe.

European bound honeymooners do more walking than the poolside pair so comfortable shoes become as necessary as your passport. Brown observes, “We Americans love our sneakers and there are some extremely stylish lines right now that work well in fashionable Europe.” But avoid international fashion faux pas. Brown warns, “If your sneakers look like something you run in or play basketball in with the guys, then leave them stateside.”

Those craving the romance of a winter wonderland face the most packing challenges. Calling for bulky clothing like sweaters and ski jackets, a good tip for the cold bound couple involves wearing your thickest gear on the plane. “Don’t worry about being hot, you can stow your ski jacket overhead and your sweater becomes a pillow,” says Brown.

Beauty Bag

After a year of focusing on perfecting your look for the big day, let your honeymoon be an au natural experience. “The stressful fussing over diet to fit into a dress, the perfect make-up and architecturally challenging up-do’s, the honeymoon for women has always inspired the ‘make-under’,” notes Brown. But since you’ll document this trip with photos, beauty experts suggest light coverage. Think lip gloss, tinted moisturizer, powder to even skin tone and a touch of mascara. Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk recommends her Small Train Case. “It’s small enough to toss into a purse but large enough to hold beauty essentials.”

Travel Savvy Strategies

When honeymooning, plan to splurge on treats, not essentials. “Resorts often have huge mark ups on everyday products. You want to spend extra cash on a nice bottle of wine, not $17 on a bottle of sunscreen,” notes Brown. Before heading for the airport, hit up your local drugstore for toiletries.

Earn a stamp in your packing passport by keeping it simple. When it comes post-wedding travel, the saying ‘the clothes make the man’ stays home. The honeymoon glow outshines any outfit.

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