When hunting for the perfect bachelorette party destination, the bride’s wishes (of course) come first.

But it’s normal to also want to create an exciting, fun experience for the entire group! After all, what’s a party if not everyone is having a great time?

So, when it comes time to plan the actual party, you need to choose where you’re going first. This responsibility typically belongs to the bride and the maid of honor or a few of her closest bridesmaids.

If you’re a bride helping plan your bachelorette party, it could be a good idea to toss out a few locations that you’d be happy with to the group and see what sticks. Narrow the location choices down with your closest bridesmaids, and then throw it out there to the entire squad.

A few of the most popular bachelorette locations right now are Miami, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Cabo San Lucas; Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; and Austin, Texas.

This is just a quick overlook of some of the most popular cities that groups enjoy visiting for a bachelorette party, but the options are truly endless. The bride should first decide what type of trip she wants to have and can narrow it down from there.

Do you want a tropical getaway for your celebratory weekend, complete with boat or beach days? Are you hoping to channel your inner cowgirl and dance at honky tonks? Or maybe you want to enjoy a weekend in a quaint southern town; where you can eat good food and go to five bars in one night.

The choices are endless- so the location completely depends on whichever vibe the bride wants for her party.

Nail down the dream experience first, then research the cities that fall into that category. Which destinations have restaurants that look best to you? Is there a city in particular that you’ve always wanted to visit? Can you access all of the experiences that you want to include within one city? These are all important questions to ask in the beginning of the planning phase.

Another important consideration is whether you and your bridesmaids can financially afford a trip to the destination that you select. You may want to gauge their budget for the trip before you continue planning in a certain city. Then, get a general estimation for hotel, travel, and experiences to present to the group.

Having your girls by your side is likely more important to you than visiting somewhere that you want to go, so remember to keep an open mind as far as financial planning for the trip goes.

Miami may be more expensive than Nashville, and a tropical destination out of the country may be out of budget for some; so be sure to consider this before making plans.

Once you narrow down potential destinations and establish a doable budget for your bridesmaids, it’s time to get to setting plans in stone! Create a group chat and Pinterest board to bounce ideas back and forth between your party.

Make sure that your voice is heard first, but it’s also important to make your closest friends feel heard and considered during this process.

Once the plans are made, you’re on your way to having one of the best weekends of your life!

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