Flowers are big on your list for bringing together your wedding day vision. But it can be hard to find exactly what you want and what will pair perfectly with your overall wedding theme. If going the trendy route is a priority, check out these tips from industry experts.

Greenery Galore

Greenery is more popular than in years past, says Joe Rogers, founder and creative director of Contagious Events. “There have always been clients who have looked at greenery as a cheaper alternative to florals, but now we're seeing couples who are spending the money for more lavish and hearty greenery arrangements,” Rogers says.

Think eucalyptus, ferns, tropical leaves and bright green pods, berries and moss as décor with a spattering of brightly colored flowers, recommends Anastasia Stevenson, floral and event designer. Stevenson says greenery garlands can make a dramatic focal point just about anywhere, including on tables, chair backs, arches and trees.

“Centerpieces are incorporating lanterns filled with flowers and fairy lights, elevated compote glass vases with large, unstructured greenery focused designs or streamlined modern, simpler designs in popular brass terrariums with succulents, flowers and sand,” she adds.

Gushing Gold

Gold has a place too. “There will always be a place for the classics like white and blush, but there's definitely a rise in couples who are opting for bright, bold colors and unique blooms,” Rogers says.

Janel Bailey-Keen, executive creative director for Vivid Expressions, agrees, noting that a trending metallic is rose gold. As a luscious, luxurious and romantic tone, Bailey-Keen says rose gold is slightly more muted and antique in feel than other golds, and complements warmer colors like pinks, reds, orange and reddish purples. “The rose tone also pairs well with greens and other neutrals,” Bailey-Keen notes.

Woodland Wonderland

As many ceremonies move to the outdoors, Stevenson says they embrace overall themes of woodland wonderland. “Think tons of wild and free style florals with greenery as the focus,” she says.

Common arrangements are handcrafted wooden arches adorned with assorted greenery and unique blooms like King Protea, pods mixed with peonies and garden roses, floral chandeliers and floral adorned lanterns in trees.

Rose petal aisles outdoors are also popular, Stevenson says. “Brides are mixing it up by having petals in circles and other designs instead of the traditional more structured line down the middle of the aisle,” she says.

Wearable Florals

To keep the woodland feel alive, brides are opting for wearable floral. “If not bohemian style crowns, then other types of floral headpieces,” says Rogers.

They are also incorporating more florals into their bridal party, such as flowers woven into bridesmaid's updos and braids. “This trend has become so popular because it has a stunning effect with little effort and a low impact on their budget,” says Stevenson.

Cascading Bouquets

Lush, billowing and cascading hand-tied bouquets are on the rise, according to Bailey-Keen. However, she cautions: “Be sure to work with a florist who can create an impressive bouquet, but scale it to be proportional – we've seen a lot of enormous bouquets that are so large they seem to carry the bride and camouflage her and her gown,” Bailey-Keen says.

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