Move over roses, lilies and tulips – there’s some new flora in town. Here’s everything you need to know about ditching traditional flowers in favor of this vibrant new look.

What exactly is greenery?

Jackie Ehlert, owner of Blossoms Flower House in Door County, Wis., prefers the term foliage for describing this type of floral trend, adding that “it’s not all green.” A big part of this au naturel look includes different shades of greens and blues found in various types of foliage.

Ehlert has seen a recent uptick in brides adding touches of green throughout the wedding, especially for freeform, unstructured bouquets where cascading greens create a unique focal point. But while many green elements are known as fillers for bouquets or centerpieces, Ehlert points out that foliage isn’t always a budget option, especially if you’re using a lot of garland and wreaths, which are labor-intensive for florists to make.

How can I include it in my wedding?

Just like any other floral décor, greenery is great because you can add as little or as much as you’d like. Here are some unique ways to use greenery on your big day:

• Add small bunches of greens, like evergreen needles, to place settings by tying them in bundles with cutlery.

• Give your groom and groomsmen a natural and more masculine look with boutonnieres made of greens.

• Enhance your wedding cake with a touch of green – lush foliage either adorned directly on your cake, or on the cake table, adds great contrast, especially if your cake is white.

• Incorporate this trend into table number signs or place cards. A metallic font on a dark leaf is simple yet elegant.

What if I just want to go greens galore?

All-greenery weddings are trending on Pinterest and wedding blogs across the web. So, brides looking for something new, fresh, and lively, shouldn’t be afraid to go all in on green wedding décor.

Even if wedding décor is made completely of greenery, there’s still so much variety to include. Different foliage options are now widely available throughout the country, from traditional ferns to eucalyptus and oregonia.

Garlands and wreaths are key décor elements for brides looking to really drive home the green theme. Draping garlands can be used as table runners, hung up vertically to create a dreamy backdrop, or draped over chairs (especially elegant over the bride and groom’s seats).

Wreaths, on the other hand, aren’t just for Christmas-time decor. Green wreaths can be turned into the ever-popular floral crown that’s essential for bohemian-themed weddings, or hung up for an effortlessly chic look.

Some of the best foliage options for overall décor add texture and movement, like eucalyptus, hanging amaranthus and ivy. Fancy grasses, like green millet, hanging feather, or little bunny (a type of fountain grass), can add a unique look to floral arrangements or bouquets.

Or, you can think outside the box with green elements you might typically find in your pantry – think olive branches or bunches of rosemary, basil or mint.

Even with a foliage focus, don’t discount the fact that some flowers also come in green like mini green hydrangea, green carnations or green orchids.

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