The entertainment is one of the most important and memorable parts of a wedding.

Think of the last wedding you went to… did you dance? Was the music exciting, timely, and easy to dance to? If so, this wasn’t a happy accident– the bride and groom put a lot of thought into who they hired to play or DJ at the event. 

Everyone wants to create an exciting party vibe for their reception. The first step to selecting your wedding music is deciding between a wedding DJ or a band. 

Be sure to have meetings or calls with a few of each before deciding– get a feel for their vibe and how you think you’ll work together. This will make all of the difference when hiring them for your wedding!

When making this choice, there are a few things to consider– do you and your fiance enjoy live music, or would you rather listen to a curated playlist of your favorite songs spun by a DJ? 

Either of these options will create the lively vibe you’re looking for. DJs are more likely to play throwback hits of all genres, hip-hop favorites, current Top 40 jams, and even a few slowed-down acoustic ballads. 

Bands typically stick with one specific sound and have a list of songs they have rehearsed and can play. But some couples prefer the sound and engagement of a live band to recorded tracks.

If you and your fiancé are avid concert-goes and enjoy that raw, live music sound, you may want to hire a live band for the wedding. While this is usually a more expensive option, there is great energy that comes with a live band, and the crowd engagement is eclectic. 

Remember that if you’re considering hiring a live band, most wedding bands specialize in a particular sound. Whether swing, Top 40, jazz, bluegrass, acoustic, etc., all bands will have their own sound. 

Make sure to get together with your partner to listen to some clips of their music and watch some videos of their performances to help you decide. Consider which music style will fit the vibe of your wedding and roll with it! Make a fun night out of this by comparing and contrasting recordings from a few different local options and voting on your favorites. 

Hiring a wedding DJ is typically a more cost-effective and popular music option, and you will have more freedom in exactly what songs will be played. Discuss with the DJ how they like to play a set and their process. Some DJs will be more collaborative, and some would like more creative freedom. 

If you’ve selected a DJ and are about to begin working together, remember that your wedding DJ is responsible for playing the music for you when you walk down the aisle, transition into the reception, mood music for cocktail hour, etc. Be sure to bring up all aspects of wedding music and ensure you’re on the same page with timing and song selection.

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