Looking for a springtime floral arrangement to perfectly complement your wedding theme? We’ve got you covered.

Bright, colorful pops of floral goodness are expected at spring weddings. It’s just part of the gig. However, these seasonal flowers must fit your specific vision for your wedding bouquet. From boho to modern and every wedding style in between, there is a beautiful floral arrangement for brides of all preferences.

According to Brides.com, a spring wedding is a prime time for freshly bloomed blossoms. Most flowers bloom this season, meaning you get the largest seasonal selection for your bouquet. Although this may seem overwhelming, the truth is that flowers are rarely going to look off-putting in a springtime arrangement. It’s much easier to make a spring arrangement look beautiful and effortless.

When selecting the flowers you’d like to hold as you walk to the altar to marry your soulmate, you might want to first consider your favorite flowers and your wedding colors. Most brides select flowers that they love but would complement their wedding colors nicely.

For example, you don’t want to carry bright orange or red flowers to a wedding with a soft pink and white color theme. We recommend finding a florist that you trust, taking a look through some of their previous work, and letting them know your thoughts on color. If you’d like a standout flower arrangement, do your thing!

But if you’d like to stick with complementary colors, we have some options for you.

1. Pink Tones

If you’re sticking with light pink, baby pink, or blush tones; snapdragons, pink tulips, and carnations will accent your wedding theme in a soft, lovely way. You might also consider sweet peas and orchids if you’d like to incorporate some white, purple, and blue colors into the bouquet.

2. Blue Tones

If your something blue is your wedding bouquet, take a look at including Lily of the Valley, grape hyacinths, and blue irises. These flowers also pair well with purple hues for a wider range of color.

3. Green Tones

Spring green wedding colors mean a white floral bouquet. White pairs beautifully with green tones, and green flowers tend to blend and look like general greenery. Try using gardenias, white roses, amaryllis, and freesia in your bouquet for a romantic accent.

4. Lavender Tones

First and foremost, a lavender color-themed wedding pairs perfectly with, well, lavender flowers. There’s something classically beautiful about a bride carrying a bouquet of lavender. They also dry well and make your home smell great. A few other floral options for a lavender color-themed wedding are purple irises and lilacs.

Of course, not every wedding bouquet is made out of one type of flower. Arrangements typically include a few types of compatible blooms but fit together to compliment the bride, her gown, and the wedding colors beautifully.

Start scrolling through Pinterest to take note of your favorite floral arrangement styles, and make sure to collaborate with your trusted florist to get the prettiest outcome for you.

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