As trends often do, wedding proposal ideas are expected to slightly shift come 2022. This means that future finances will once again have to get creative in how they present an engagement ring to their sweetie and mix it up from how others proposed in 2021.

According to Southern Living Magazine, as far as ring shopping goes, shopping locally will be more popular in 2022. Local gem makers are truly stepping up their game and starting to become real competition for larger, well-known diamond companies. Using a family heirloom diamond is also a popular idea, as it saves money and adds sentimental value to the passing along of the stone.

In 2022, more engagement rings will likely include stones that are not classic diamonds. Lab-made diamonds, birthstones, and other gemstones such as Opals, and Moisonate are growing in popularity as more people venture out from a traditional engagement ring style.

As far as proposals go, large, flashy proposals seem to be on the way out and intimate, meaningful proposals are coming back in style. Goodbye flash mobs, hello candlelit confessions. A few examples of proposals that we will likely see more of in 2022 are proposals along a hiking trail, quiet beachside proposals, or even over a romantic dinner. After the pandemic, these intimate, meaningful proposals seem to be more popular and very well-received. What’s better than the person you love confessing their feelings for you in a beautiful and intimate location?

Proposals involving pets are also making a comeback. We’re talking ring boxes tied to dog collars, somehow teaching a pup to carry the box in their mouth to conduct the proposal, found in the cat bed, the whole shebang. These cute, quirky proposals are fun, light-hearted, and incorporate your furry friend— something very meaningful to both parties.

Many people are also beginning to ask their loved ones to marry them at concerts and events. People are ecstatic over the ability to get back out there and see their favorite bands and entertainers perform again, and on-stage proposals are ramping up. There will be much more of this in 2022— as it ties in an artist that is special to the couple and creates an unforgettable, yet new, experience. Many entertainers love this idea, and might even get involved by bringing you on-stage and asking your loved one to marry you.

Video proposals are also gaining popularity. This could mean a video slideshow of your favorite memories with your partner ending in a proposal, a video of you proclaiming your love to your partner ending in a proposal, or a fun, interactive idea that’s part video, part real-life proposal. In this day and age, we can use technology to our benefit in many different ways, and a marriage proposal is one of them. This will make your partner feel special— as a lot of effort goes into this style of proposal. It will also be a keepsake that the two of you can watch together for years to come.

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