Whether you are interested in having a dry wedding for religious or personal reasons, this type of wedding is more common than many may think. A wedding celebration is what you make of it, and there are many ways for a bride and groom to host an extremely fun wedding without alcohol being involved.

If you’re considering having a dry wedding and wondering where to start, the following tips and ideas will send you on your way to creating a unique and fun environment for your guests without alcohol. Remember, it’s your personal decision as a couple whether you’d like to serve alcohol at your own wedding. Your guests and loved ones will adapt to this choice and enjoy the celebration either way.

According to Brides.com, it’s a typical practice to give a heads-up about your wedding being dry to guests in advance. If your family and friends may not be expecting this type of wedding, it’s common courtesy to let them know ahead of time, just so they can be aware of the details.

It’s also a good idea to incorporate some type of bar in your wedding reception to serve iced water and soft drinks. During a night of dancing and partying post-nuptials, hydration is extremely important. Just because alcohol isn’t being served doesn’t mean there shouldn't be a designated station for drinks of other kinds.

It may be a great idea to hold your “dry” wedding during daytime hours that people would not expect to be drinking. A dry wedding would thrive during the morning or mid-day, allowing guests to make it home before dark after enjoying the party.

Instead of having a bar with alcohol at your wedding, consider serving some other exciting drink besides soft drinks and water. Alcohol is expensive, so if there’s money left in the budget without serving it, maybe you could have a coffee bar with different cappuccino and latte options. Your guests are bound to enjoy this unique surprise, and the caffeine will keep everything going into the night. If you are having a winter wedding, and its chilly outside, invite your guests to enjoy a hot cocoa bar with toppings ranging from marshmallows to sugary syrups. It’s sure to be a crowd favorite.

Another popular way to incorporate beverages into a dry wedding would be to have a specialty “mocktail’ display. Guests can sip on cocktails with no alcohol of the bride and groom’s choosing. You could even incorporate one for each member of the happy couple-- such as an espresso martini mocktail for the bride and a mojito mocktail for the groom. These drinks will be delicious and refreshing for your guests-- even with no liquor involved.

If you’re considering having toasts at your wedding, sparkling water can be an excellent substitute for champagne. And no one gets a headache. A win for everyone!

At the end of the day, a dry wedding will be just as fun as a wedding serving alcohol. The people, bride and groom, venue, food, and music will set the vibe of the wedding no matter what beverages are being served.

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