A wedding day is filled with preparation, coordination and working to ensure the process of events runs smoothly. Most event coordinators or wedding planning enthusiasts will suggest making the day of operations seamless by outsourcing for various needs, including reserving rentals of all kinds. Depending upon which wedding venue is selected, reception rentals might be imperative. For instance, if it’s a destination wedding, outsourcing shuttles, or private drivers to collect people from the airport and transport them to the wedding will be a significant rental. Or, perhaps at the reception a photobooth is desired. Various needs will require specific rentals, and we have a few quick tips for how to navigate the process of vetting, booking and coordinating rentals.

The Knot put together a checklist of ultimate wedding rentals to consider before the big day. Let’s start with the initial question; is your wedding outdoors? If so, tents, dance floors, band stages, portable toilets, portable kitchens and lighting are all valid rentals to contemplate. Two other major components often forgotten with outdoor weddings are Wifi and electricity. If there is only one power breaker or source, make sure to run tests prior to the event to ensure that everything is working properly. Preventing any overflow of electricity will eliminate the risk of the circuit breaking. Additionally, Wifi is used for connectivity beyond playing on our phones. Most DJ’s, sound equipment and other smart electronics will require Wifi to function.

The next order of operations via The Knot checklist is to ask, whether inside or outside, are there options for adequate seating, tables, bar space, dinnerware, glassware and linens? If the answer is no to any of those items, an industry secret is to find an event design or rental company that has all of these items to bundle together in one package. Not only will purchasing multiple items from the same company result in lower cost, but it will relieve any stress associated with managing multiple vendors.

Lastly, before making any unchangeable decisions, vet any vendors first! Do not skip the step of finding reviews and testimonials on behalf of the company you’re hiring. If there aren't 4 to 5 stars and multiple advocates, consider that before booking. The last scenario anyone wants on their wedding day is to deal with unprofessional amateurs who are unreliable.

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