Wedding planning inevitably comes with some mistakes. But being aware of common mistakes can potentially eliminate your risk of making them! Chances are that you’ve been to a wedding with a few hiccups and bumps in the road. This is completely normal, and everyone deals with it! But if you plan for these mistakes, there are ways to avoid them altogether. You’ll probably want your wedding to go as smoothly as possible, and being aware of what could go wrong will help.

According to, creating a fine-tuned budget and laying out a well-planned timeline is the key to success in your wedding. This is your first step to avoiding mistakes.

Another great way to avoid mistakes would be to make note of them, talk through them with your wedding planner or day-of coordinator, and make a point to find a solution before a problem arises.

There are a few common mistakes or overlooked details when wedding planning. Here are four…

1. Too many guests

The more the merrier doesn’t necessarily apply when you’re wedding planning. While you may want to invite all of your friends and family, inviting too many guests can become a mistake.

You may go over budget, not plan for enough people, run out of seating and food options, etc. You can avoid this by budgeting for a set amount of people (including plus ones) and STICKING to that number. Make sure this is a comfortable amount for your budget and for the venue’s parameters.

2. Not planning for bad weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it’d be smart to plan for potential bad weather. You can do this by making sure there’s an indoor option for your guests in case rain or storms come. You don’t want to be stuck outside in bad weather– that’s a surefire way to ruin a good party.

3. Planning for photos

Wedding photos are so important, but it can be difficult to wrangle the wedding party, families and whoever else you want to include in your wedding photos once the party has started. Make sure to create a timeline and schedule for when the wedding party photos will take place– whether that be before the ceremony, in between the ceremony and reception, or even during the reception. Make sure that everyone being photographed knows when to show up in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible. This will eliminate the wedding photos being unorganized and bleeding into reception time. There will be a party to get to, after all!

Also make sure to detail a plan with your photographer about exactly what wedding photos you’d like to have taken in general. Come prepared with example photos and meet with them to plan before the wedding day arrives.

4. Pay vendors ahead of time

To avoid vendors asking you for their invoice to be fulfilled during the wedding, make sure all vendor invoices are paid before the wedding. This will also eliminate any outstanding wedding business to be handled after the day is done.

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