As of 2022, the consensus for the average cost of a wedding ranked between $27,000 to $30,000. For those without a trust fund or high paying occupation, that cost is a significant amount. Considering you can purchase a nice vehicle or place a hefty down payment on a home mortgage with that sum of money, contemplating the size, location and overall theme of a wedding can be quite intimidating. Below we’ve compiled a brief list of tricks of the trade to help couples navigate wedding planning without breaking the bank.

1. Credit Cards

According to, applying for a credit card that has incentives for spending money or zero interest should be a top consideration. For example, with American Express rewards you earn 1 point per every $2.00 spent. These points accumulate and can be used toward an excessive number of things, including money off your total bill. Other options to consider are American Express Gold Card which allows for 4 points per $1 at restaurants, and Chase Sapphire Preferred which allows 3 points per $1.00 spent.

2. Cut Costs Where Necessary

Most of the expenses will come from the price of the venue, food and beverages, attire and ambiance decadents. Keeping this in mind, budget out where you can cut costs. For instance, if you desire an outdoor beach wedding and the venue is the most important and yet expensive aspect, refine the guest list to 20 people. Or, if the venue is the least important factor, try to find a family member’s property or common space to occupy. Write down a list of priorities and delegate your spending to reflect that.

3. Don’t Let Your Wedding Bankrupt You

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce of wedding planning, but don’t allow one monumental day to deplete your savings entirely, or worse, bankrupt you. Talk openly with your partner about what you can afford, and if the wedding expenses exceed your budget, create a savings fund specifically toward the wedding.

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