Weddings on a budget can be tricky for those who have always dreamt of having an extravagant, beautiful event. But you don’t have to break the bank to have a magical wedding celebration!

There are many ways to cut your wedding spending without saying farewell to your wedding day vision. You don’t have to sacrifice the ambience, theme, or overall appearance of your wedding in any way.

So, how can you plan a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy wedding with mindful spending? Consider what you can cut and what affordable options you can select. There are so many details that go into an overall wedding budget, and there’s always room to narrow some things down.

Here are a few different areas to consider cutting your costs from:

1. Wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses

Your wedding gown does not have to be one of the most expensive parts of the entire day. While it’s so tempting to spend a few thousand dollars on a breathtaking designer gown for your wedding, consider your priorities first. Would you rather have more wiggle room for your venue, a photographer, entertainment, or food?

You can find a stunning wedding gown without a designer price tag. You could also search secondhand wedding dress shops to find a designer gown for half the price. You may even enjoy the secondhand styles more than the gowns that are currently trending. You could also rework a gown that’s been in your family for a fraction of the price.

As for your bridesmaids’ dresses, consider doing a fitting at a bridesmaid’s boutique and then ordering your dresses in similar styles from an online store. Boutiques can be much more expensive compared to ordering online, and your bridesmaids can always see a tailor.

2. DIY décor and details

You’d be surprised at how many different pieces of your dream wedding day decor you can craft or DIY to fit your vision. Look through Pinterest for ideas of how to make a few different pieces of your wedding decor instead of purchasing them through an event rental company, separate vendor or purchasing expensive decor outright just for a one-time use.

This can include table decor, centerpieces, floral arrangements, wall hangings, you name it. Just do a few searches on YouTube for how-to videos, get your bridesmaids together for a craft night, and you’re suddenly cutting corners on wedding decor.

3. Buffet style food

Instead of having a sit-down dinner or even elevated serving stations at your wedding, consider buying a certain amount of food for your guests and serving it buffet style. This doesn’t have to be done in a way that appears as if food costs have been cut; you can make an elegant spread.

You can also choose how much money you want to spend on food this way; and it’s the least expensive option; depending on the foods you choose to include in the buffet.

4. Shop around for entertainment

Shop around and compare prices for your DJ or band. Certain options may be cheaper; all you have to do is some research. Having a DJ play at your wedding is generally the least expensive entertainment option; but if you want live music, get a few different quotes.

Again, weight if entertainment is something that you want to prioritize in the budget. If not, then you may want to try and find a viable, less expensive option than the most popular bands and DJs in town.

5. Cut the list

Although the advice you probably don’t want to hear, cutting down the guest list will significantly cut down the costs of the event. More people simply means more money due to requiring a larger venue, higher food and beverage costs, more tables to decorate and so on.

Look online for advice on how to decide who gets the invite and who stays home, and an easy way to save on numbers is to limit the number of plus ones you give out.

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