Having a winter wedding is a beautiful idea– the snowy landscapes, blue hues, and cozy vibes are the perfect recipe to make a cold weather wedding spectacular.

But how does one stay warm on their winter wedding day? This is a question that is particularly important to the bride, who is the only one who traditionally will be wearing a white dress, will be moving indoors and outdoors frequently for photos, and most likely will not have spare time to warm up by a nearby heater.

If you’re a future bride and you’re planning a winter wedding, don’t let the potential chilly weather hinder your plans. Winter weddings are unique and beautiful for the wedding party and guests alike; and there are many ways to stay warm in your wedding gown throughout your reception and ceremony.

Here are a few:

1. Wearing tights

If you have a long wedding dress, what’s stopping you from throwing on a pair of warm tights underneath? You can find warm, white, and maybe even fur or fleece-lined tights that can hide well under your lovely gown, and no one will ever know. You could even search for nude tights that are fleece or fur-lined if you really want to hide their appearance.

This is a particularly great idea if your ceremony or any part of your special day will be outside. After all, you don’t want your legs or feet to go numb! If you are wearing strappy heels or any shoe that shows your feet, you can opt for leggings instead. Keep those legs warmed up for dancing!

2. A source of heat

If you think that your venue may get chilly throughout the event, make sure to schedule a few extra heaters or fire pits to be placed around the space. This will make a huge difference to your guests who want to stay for a while and have a great time.

It’s true that no one will be moving and mingling if they’re freezing, so make sure to chat with your venue and take your guest count into consideration when planning the heating situation. This will be great for you if you need to take a break to get warm throughout the evening.

3. A fur shawl

If you want to stay extra warm yet still fashionable, consider throwing a fur shawl into your wedding day look. This is a fashionable statement piece that many brides opt for if they are having a winter wedding and need to either have their ceremony outside or take photos outside. This truly adds to the winter aesthetic and will photograph beautifully. Consider tossing in some complementary colored winter shawls for your bridal party, as well! You won’t want bare arms if it's snowy or freezing outside.

4. Hold on tight

Especially on your wedding day, there is nothing quite like a warm embrace with the love of your life. Take any chilly weather as an excuse to snuggle right on up to your new spouse and share some body heat to warm each other up!

5. Get the party started early

Can you remember a time that you were dancing and grooving and still felt cold? Exactly. If you really want your guests and wedding party to warm up fast, make sure that the DJ or band is ready to get the party started right after the ceremony. You can always break for food but encouraging your guests to dance and get moving is a great way to get them to warm up fast and forget about any cold weather.

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