Picking your wedding color palette is a major decision that comes early-on in the wedding planning process.

You really can’t plan decor, dresses, groomsmen attire, florals, etc. without planning your wedding color palette. And the color palette and theme go hand-in-hand!

So, when it comes to selecting your color palette for your wedding, there are a few things to consider. Start with what have you already decided on. If you know you want to have a springtime wedding, the color options that you’ll go with will likely be light, pastels, and soft hues like purples, pinks, sage green, baby blue, etc.

If you are wanting to have a winter wedding, you may consider navy, deep reds, and possibly even black and dark green shades. If a fall wedding is in your future, think about incorporating dark oranges, reds, and neutral brown and beige shades into your palette.

According to The Knot, it’s a great idea to focus on creating a wedding color family instead of just focusing on two or three colors that you particularly enjoy.

This means that you can add many different shades of a general color like light blue or dusty pink without worrying about matching exact shades. It will also create a more layered look, which is beautiful; especially when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses and florals.

You can also incorporate colors that you and your fiancé both truly enjoy as a couple. This could be a color that you both love wearing, one that represents something special for the two of you, maybe it signifies a memory in your relationship, or is just a color pattern that you both like and agree on.

Consider working with your wedding planner to select your wedding color palette, as well. They may have ideas about colors that you have not yet considered, and they can help you stack a few different complementary colors together to create your dream palette.

Another great way to pick your color palette is to think about what color you’d like your florals to be. Consider what your ideal wedding bouquet would look like and find inspiration photos on Pinterest and social media. Seek out local florist shops that you want to consider using for your wedding florals and search their social media pages for floral bouquet inspiration to collaborate with them on.

After you have an idea of what colors you’d consider incorporating into your wedding palette, order swatches of fabric of the colors together and make sure you like the way that they layer. Bridesmaids’ shops will often send you swatches of fabric in different colors for a small price. This will help you decide on not only what colors you want your bridesmaids to be wearing, but also if you enjoy the general color palette all together.

Lastly, you could bring the color swatches to your wedding venue if you’ve already selected it. Meet with the people that work at the venue to make sure that the colors would suit the lighting and style of the venue.

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