When hiring a wedding planner, there are a few different options to consider. Do you want to find a day-of coordinator or a full-service planner?

This decision depends on how much additional help you need while executing your wedding. There are pre-wedding and post-wedding decisions that a full-service planner can help coordinate in addition to providing day of wedding assistance. But, perhaps a day-of planner would be more cost effective and necessary depending on your wedding day needs.

According to Brides.com, there is no pricing regulation when it comes to finding a full-service wedding planner. But they do cover many more bases than you’d expect.

Full-service wedding planners help with hiring vendors, enhancing the guest experience, hiring a team of contractors that are right for your needs, budgeting and adhering to a budget, wedding design and production, and going above and beyond to do even the small tasks.

A day-of wedding coordinator comes into a wedding that is fully planned and prepared for, and helps set up decor, enhance guest experience, facilitate relationships with vendors, and make sure the entire process moves along smoothly. It does not involve much pre-planning with the couple, but some may offer billable hours to help handle wedding preparations when needed.

When deciding if you want to hire a full-service planner or day-of coordinator, there are a few things to consider.

1. Do you have a vision?

If you have a vision for your wedding and only need help executing on the day-of, hiring a coordinator for the day may be your best bet. Some brides know exactly what vendors they want at their wedding, how they want design to look and production to run, and an overall run of show. They only need help executing it on the big day.

Some brides need help establishing a vision and going from there in making the plans. This also depends on how much of a time commitment you can make for planning your own wedding. Also consider how large your wedding will be. The larger the guest list, the more it'll take to make it happen.

2. Do you already have help?

If your family members, loved ones, bridal party, or a close friend have offered to help with wedding planning and preparations; consider a day-of planner to execute these. If you are responsible for details and planning but don’t have the time, a full-service planner is there for you every step of the way.

Some Brides know friends who have experience in the event space, and often rely on them as a point of contact the day of. Consider inquiring if they would be willing to be your day-of-coordinator, but understand if they decline, especially if you want them there as a guest since it can be considered major work.

3. What’s your budget?

There’s no going around it, wedding planners are expensive. You can save money by hiring a day-of coordinator instead of a full-service planner, but the additional help and offerings that you get full-service may be worth the splurge. Weigh your priorities to see what you have time for and what you truly need help with.

4. Seek alternatives

If it’s looking like you might need someone that’s in between a day-of coordinator and a full-service planner look around and see if some full-service planners offer other services that are less hands-on. Some planners will offer “month of coordination” packages or “design only” help. Ask around with your friends who have recently tied the knot, or others currently planning their nuptials. As always, you can also inquire with your vendors to see if they have any recommendations.

Whether you’re hiring assistance to achieve your wedding daydreams or planning the big day yourself, it can be a lot of responsibility to execute a wedding. Assess whether you truly need all hands-on deck or if you want to control exactly how the day goes.

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