Whether you’re a bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding, a bride in the midst of the planning process, or know that you will be a bridesmaid one day; it’s necessary to get a realistic depiction of what a typical wedding day in this role would look like.

Being a bridesmaid is one of the greatest honors and joys that your close friend, sister, family member, or loved one could possibly give you. This means they love and trust you so deeply that they want you by their side during one of the most important days of their life!

While being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honor and great responsibility, it’s also such an exciting and fun time. You get to be a part of the bachelorette party, dress shopping appointments, wedding planning details, and many other aspects of getting your loved ones ready for the big day.

According to The Knot, a typical wedding day in the life of a bridesmaid is jam-packed, but so worth the hustle.

Here’s what your day in the sun as a bridesmaid might look like…

1. Early morning essentials

Wake up, it’s wedding day! It’s time to get the party started, and bridesmaids typically coordinate the early morning essentials such as coffee, liquid IV to bounce back after the rehearsal dinner, and snacks. There may be a wedding day breakfast planned, but if not, make sure that the bride has some food in her stomach and some caffeine in her system.

2. Getting ready

Now for the fun part– hair and makeup! This may be a longer process depending on how many bridesmaids are in the wedding party, so don’t forget to bring champagne and get the bride in good spirits before the festivities commence.

3. Checking in with the bride

As a bridesmaid, you’re there to fulfill not only the necessary details of wedding prep but to make sure the bride is doing well emotionally too. Check in with the bride, see what you can do to help her, listen to how she’s feeling, and if she needs any support or assistance before walking down the aisle.

4. Photos

Depending on the wedding schedule, photos may be before or directly after the ceremony. As a bridesmaid, you will likely be expected to appear in bridal party photos. It’s important that the entire bridal party stays on schedule; so make sure to listen to the photographer and bride to execute a seamless photo session in the midst of the festivities.

5. Walking in the ceremony

Now, for the main event… walking in the wedding. You’ve trained and prepared for this! Put on a smile and head down that aisle to stand in your loved one’s wedding. The big moment is here! Don’t forget that there will most likely be plenty of professional photos taken during the ceremony too, so keep that lovely smile on.

6. Party time

It’s time to get down and enjoy the reception celebration after your bridesmaid duties for the day. There may be things that you can assist with during the reception, such as makeup touchups and hair assistance for the bride, but first and foremost have a great time.

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