If you’re a pregnant bride, you most likely have several things going on at all times. Between wedding planning and preparing to bring your baby into the world, there is a long to-do list for a bride that’s expecting.

Between wedding dress fittings to make sure you feel comfortable and happy in your dress and preparing your baby’s future room, it may be difficult for a bride to find the time and energy for self-care. According to Brides.com, self-care should be a pregnant bride’s top priority. Although it may seem that caring for yourself may be the last thing to get done during this time, if you put yourself first, everything else will fall into place.

There are many for a bride to give herself some grace and some ease before the big day arrives. Here are four…

1. Ask for Help

Whether or not you plan on telling your family and friends about your pregnancy before the wedding, it’s important to remember to ask for help during the planning process. You don’t even need to explain yourself– preparing for a wedding in itself is a big responsibility and a lot of effort. You might consider hiring a wedding planner or asking a few friends or family members to help with certain planning tasks to take some of the load off your plate. They will consider it an honor that you need their assistance during this special time.

2. Fit in Exercise

Remember to fit in an exercise routine during the months leading up to your wedding. This will help you clear your mind, improve focus, but also will help reduce stress and body tension. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better physically and mentally after working in some form of exercise. From prenatal yoga to a jog or walk through your neighborhood, pick something that feels comfortable for you and try to get moving a little bit each day.

3. Prepare for Change

If you as a pregnant bride can mentally prepare yourself for changes that may come with the wedding, your wedding day look, the wedding day menu, etc; you may be able to feel at ease during the planning process. Begin to form backup plans for your dress, shoes, and attire so that you can ensure your own comfortability and confidence during your wedding. Schedule frequent dress fittings and menu tastings to ensure that you can enjoy your wedding day. Make sure that you expect that change may happen, and acknowledge that that’s okay.

4. Lean on your Partner

As a bride, you may feel responsible for executing the wedding day vision that you’ve been creating for years. In reality, this may not be possible for just one person, especially if you’re growing another life. Lean on your partner for emotional support and help with the wedding. It’s their wedding too, and they may be able to attend meetings and preparations in your place so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere when needed.

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