If you have many loved ones with kids, providing child care at your wedding may be a great option.

If you do choose to let your friends and family bring their children to your wedding, make sure to have a plan, it’s important to be prepared. If you would rather the kids stay in a separate area during your wedding (nothing personal, but it is your special day), consider planning a child care situation.

Providing child care could greatly benefit your loved ones who have kids, and it will make your wedding more accessible and doable for all families invited. Finding childcare (especially long-term childcare) can be difficult for a wedding weekend, and it would be appreciated by them if childcare were to be provided for the event.

There are many unique ideas for providing childcare at your wedding. And, providing fun activities for children to participate in during your wedding may be cheaper and simpler than you think.

Here are a few ideas…

1. Designate a Play Area in the Venue

If your wedding venue has a few extra rooms away from the festivities, this could be a great space for kids to play. Consider hiring a babysitter to watch children during the ceremony, reception, or both. You can provide games for the kids, or simply set up a television with movies playing. Consider the ages of the kids you’d invite to the play area during the wedding– there should be a cut-off age. For example, 16+ can attend the event, and 15 and younger get to watch movies instead.)

2. Organize a Craft Station

If you are interested in getting creative with what the kids are doing during the wedding ceremony, consider organizing a craft station for them. This could be done while a movie is playing in the background, so kids can choose which they’d rather do. If you plan for a 3-5 hour wedding, plan a handful of different crafts to keep the kids occupied. There should be options for all ages, and craft supplies can be bought from dollar stores for an affordable price. Pinterest is on your side!

3. Outdoor Play Area

If you are having an outdoor wedding, and the weather is on your side, many kids would love playing outside during the event. This could be good for their energy, and keep them occupied in a healthy way. Make sure that there is a chaperone, and that the play area is far away from the festivities– preferably in a confined space that you won’t be able to hear the activity from.

4. Kids Buffet

Don’t forget to plan to feed the kids if they’re hanging out in a separate area during your wedding! The great thing about feeding children is that they don’t quite have the refined taste palette of an adult… so the food will be much cheaper. You could even load up a kids' buffet with chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese, pizza, and candy. This will please most picky eaters and take care of dinner.

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