When shopping for a wedding dress, the first and most obvious decision may be the color that you’d like for it to be. Many brides stick with a traditional white gown, but opting for a colorful wedding dress is always a show-stopping, unique idea. Vibrant, non-confirmative brides may consider this option; selecting a gown in a color that follows the wedding theme, makes them feel great about themselves, is their favorite color, or is culturally important to them.

A bride who elects to wear a pop of color on her wedding is typically on the bolder side, or perhaps she just wants to make a statement and explore her unique style on this important day. It’s a beautiful thing to incorporate a pop of your own personal style into your wedding day, and incorporating some color is a great way to do so.

If this sounds intriguing and you decide to rock a colorful gown on your wedding day, here are a few Dos and Don’ts when it comes to making your selection. Whatever color or style you select for your wedding day, the most important thing is that it’s a dress that you love and will continue to appreciate for years to come.

DO: Select an On-Theme Color

The last thing that you want to do is wear a wedding dress that does not match the theme of the wedding. Your gown would stand out, but not in the best way. If you elect to wear color, make sure it is a color in your wedding palette or is a neutral color that would compliment the colors involved in your special day.

DON’T: Go Too Bold

While it’s admirable and awesome that you want to wear color on your wedding day, bold patterns and bright colors may distract from the rest of your bridal look or the wedding itself. This could include wacky shapes, animal prints, mismatched patterns, etc. This suggestion, of course, does not apply to beautiful gowns that certain cultures or religions wear on their special day.

DO: Play with Florals

Floral wedding gowns are currently in style, and that does hold true with colored floral patterns. According to Brides.com, nature-inspired dresses involving floral or greenery patterns pair well with minimal accessories. Blush pinks, off-white hues, light blues, and mint green tones are often associated with floral patterns. Even slight floral accents on a white or off-white gown will set your dress apart from others.

DON’T: Go too Dark

Black, navy blue, and other dark hues are beautiful, flattering colors for gowns- but make sure that you absolutely love the dress style before opting to go too dark; for photography and color palette purposes.

DO: Assess which Colors Look Best on you

Do you have a favorite color to wear? Does it somehow flow with your wedding color pattern? If so, consider searching for wedding dresses in this color. After all, when you feel good, you look good, and you’ll be happy with your appearance and the way you look in your wedding photos.

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