If you’re getting married soon, chances are you’re on the hunt for a stylish, trendy wedding dress. It’s important to many brides that their dream dress not only accentuates their figure and stands out against the crowd as they say their vows, but is in style and fashionable during the year of their wedding. First and foremost, it’s important to nail down the shape of the wedding dress. Decide what shape feels best on you, whether it be form-fitting, slip style, mermaid style, ballgown, etc. Once you decide the general shape of your future dress, it’ll narrow the decision down before deciding your favorite 2021 styles. With styles changing so frequently, there are a few that stand out in the year 2021.

1. Balloon Sleeves

According to Brides.com, this trend is taking the wedding industry by storm. Balloon sleeves, or puff sleeves, add a romantic shape to the gown and appear fairytale-esque. This trend is perfect for a bride who romanticizes about her own fairytale wedding and wants to feel like a princess. Balloon sleeves can be either long or short-sleeved, and add a classic feel to the gown.

2. Square Neckline

This 90’s trend is making a comeback, and we are not mad about it. A square neckline can stand out on a sleeveless dress, short-sleeved, or even long-sleeved. A silk slip dress with a square neckline is extremely popular in 2021 and gives brides a classy, sleek appeal. This look is perfect for a simplistic yet modern bride.

3. Dramatic Ruffles

Dramatic ruffles are another standout trend in 2021, and these aren’t just your average lacy accents. The dramatic ruffles that brides are currently wearing down the aisle typically embody the dress, creating a ballgown type look or adding eye-catching detail.

4. Lace or Crochet

For a beachy bride, lace or crochet style gowns are currently in style, especially during the warm months leading up to fall. These gowns typically create a Bohemian feel to a wedding, setting a laid-back, relaxed, free-spirited tone without taking away from a bride's natural beauty.

5. Florals

Florals are having a moment in the wedding industry, and all across the trend board. Brides are buying into florals; whether they be embroidered on their veils, subtle white floral prints across the skirt of their gown, or lightly etched into the entire silhouette. Florals in subtle color or slightly silver tones give a wedding gown graceful details that are sure to be noticed.

When it comes to wedding dress trends, a bride must feel confident in her decision and ultimately make it for herself. This way, she will be happy on her wedding day knowing that she did not take the pressure of others into account on looking and feeling her best. Regardless, many brides find it important to appear in style on their wedding day and want to be able to look back at their wedding photos to acknowledge their dress, decor, and aesthetic as a sign of the times.

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