As we have experienced in the day and age of social media and TikTok trends, there is a quick turnaround of what’s hot and what’s not. However, there are a few current bridal trends that are timeless. Many brides worry about their chosen accessories going out of style before their big day or shortly after. The following five trends have been in style for years and will be relevant for many years to come. Although some details of bridal accessories might waver, the overall concept of these three trends will hold.

1. A Classic Headband

According to, a classic headband is an accessory for the ages. This can include headbands with some beading, a bow on top, pearl details, or just a solid band in lace or silk material. The options are truly endless; from thick headbands to thin pieces designed to hold up your veil, there is a classic headband for every bride’s fashion taste. The great thing about headbands is that they don’t stand out enough to be anti-trendy, but are simple enough to add some pizzazz to a bride’s hairstyle and overall look on her wedding day. Many bridal looks feature headbands from thin silver or gold accent bands, designed to fit in with a bridal updo, to thick headbands made to tame luscious curly locks.

2. Simple Jewelry

If you’re worried about looking back on your wedding picture and noticing that the jewelry you chose is currently out of style, keep it simple. You might lean more towards gold pieces; in which case a light gold or rose gold pendant necklace and simple gold/ diamond bracelet may be the best way to go. If you enjoy silver or white gold jewelry instead, perhaps consider a pair of hoops and a few silver bangles. Most wedding jewelry is accentuated with a bit of sparkle, so it’s always a good idea to keep your eye out for a touch of bling when shopping. However, keep in mind that sometimes larger, statement pieces do tend to go out of style quicker than thin, tasteful jewels. Pro tip: pair your wedding jewels with the accent tones of your overall color scheme. If your colors pair well with or feature golds, stay on that route.

3. Something Blue

The traditional idea of incorporating something blue into your wedding look can easily translate into trendy accessories and add a pop of color to your wedding look. A few ideas of how to add something blue to your ensemble would be adding a dainty blue jeweled bobby pin or hair clip, a pair of blue heels, or perhaps considering blue gems as part of your jewelry lineup. Something blue is an age-old tradition that will never go out of style, and adding a pop of color to your look is always a trendy idea.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to worry about your wedding look being in style as long as you love the way you look. However, if you want to make sure your bridal appearance will stay relevant in photos and memories for years to come, follow these simple tips when in doubt.

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