In our opinion, the hard part is over. Your bridal party has been selected, and everyone is excited and eager to get the ball rolling on wedding planning. Now it’s time to select bridesmaids’ gowns. This can be time and energy-consuming, so it’s best to be prepared and know what to expect when choosing dresses. There are a few key details to keep in mind when going about this process, for the sanity of both yourself and your bridal party. After all, you want your bridesmaids to be happy and feel confident in what they wear so that they end up having an amazing time at the wedding instead of stressing over their dress.

1. Be Cost-Effective

According to The Knot, It’s very important to keep cost in mind when deciding upon bridesmaids’ dresses, especially if your wedding party will be funding the dresses themselves. There are plenty of affordable options for your bridesmaids without having to break their bank. Perhaps you could survey your group for their budget and then go off of that. Even if you are paying for your bridesmaids’ dresses, it’s still important to allocate a portion of your own budget for these dresses and consider priorities. Most bridesmaids’ dresses range from $100-$300, so make sure to gauge your party’s comfort level with spending that amount.

2. Find Styles that Work

You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable on your wedding day, and every woman has a different body type. For this reason, it’s important to take into account which styles may work for all body types, or if you want your wedding party to have the freedom to choose a style that they feel good about. Many brides give their bridesmaids a color to stick with and let them choose their own style dress out of a selected few or a specific designer’s line. Many brides also have a vision for their wedding party and would prefer to choose the dresses themselves. Either way, it’s a good idea to check in with your bridesmaids and see how they feel about each dress style that they try on. Many in-person bridesmaids’ dress shops work their hardest to provide a fun, comfortable, bonding experience when making this decision.

3. Color Palette Selections

Consider your wedding color palette, and think about which colors you want to highlight through your bridesmaids. Perhaps you’d prefer they stick to neutral tones, like nudes or light pinks so that your wedding dress will shine at the altar. Perhaps you’d prefer their dresses to be on the brighter side of your wedding palette, such as true blues or peach hues. Either way, it’s a good idea to bring samples of colors that will be included in your wedding when shopping for dresses. Many bridesmaids’ shops will also provide swatches of colors that you are choosing between so that you can mock up what the wedding palette would look like including this color. It’s also a good idea to select dress colors that flatter your bridesmaids and accentuate your gown.

If you consider these tips when selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses, the process will be made simpler. Choosing these dresses is a special part of wedding planning and usually a fun activity for everyone involved. It’s important that each bridesmaid achieves a dress that’s comfortable, cost-effective, and fits well with your wedding aesthetic.

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