You’ve spent hours on Pinterest, combing through wedding dress ideas. You finally found your dream dress, and you’re so excited to get to the nearest dress shop and try on a similar style. You make an appointment, find the dress, try it on, but you feel uncomfortable, or it doesn’t fit your body type. This can be extremely discouraging for brides, especially in a time where social media creates expectations of how things will appear.

The good news is, there are a few things that you can do if your dream dress doesn’t work the way you pictured it would.

First and foremost, ask the stylist at the bridal gown shop for recommendations. If you tried this dress in a store, stylists will know exactly which styles work best for your body type. They usually will even be able to recommend styles similar to the original dress that you tried if you’d like to stay close to that idea. It’s worth it to get advice from an expert who fits wedding gowns for a living. These professionals have seen every bridal case in the book, so there’s no need to feel shame that your original idea didn’t pan out perfectly. Perhaps the color, style, or overall look of the dress is not what you expected. A new dress can be just as exciting as the dress you’ve had your heart set on. Stylists will be happy to help you find a new dream dress that fits your wedding aesthetic.

If you ordered your dream dress online and did not get the opportunity to try it in person, you can always return it and online chat or call customer service to get their advice. Some wedding dress shops may even ask for a photo of yourself so that they can best match you with a dress that will not only suit your body type but accentuate it beautifully.

Even though your carefully selected dress doesn’t work on your body they way you’d envisioned, it might still be the dress for you. If it’s too late to find a new dress or you really want to make the original work, alternations are always available.

According to, brides typically need at least three wedding dress fittings before a dress is worn. Fittings are usually quick appointments with seamstresses. They will take your body measurements and overall dress vision to help craft the dress into something you’re happy with and excited to wear. These appointments are extremely common for most brides, as it’s rare for a particular dress to look and fit perfectly on all women.

Whether you find a new style to wear on your wedding day that you haven’t thought of before or alter your dream dress to fit the way it should, there are options to consider when running into a dress dilemma. At the end of the day, you’ll feel beautiful in whatever dress that you end up with because it’s all yours and it’s your wedding day!

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