Veils are making a comeback in a big way, with modern twists to match today’s style.

“It’s an amazing accessory to finish off a look,” says Daphne Newman, creative director of Daphne Newman Design. “Women feel like a bride when they put it on.”

Veils and headpieces come in a wide range of lengths, styles and even colors, so it’s important to take some time to think of a headpiece to suit both your personality and attire. “A veil should complement the dress. It shouldn’t distract from the dress,” says Ana Cruz, president of Ana Cruz Event Planning.

Here are some of today’s best finishing touches for your bridal look.

Simply Stunning

“A simple one-layer tulle never goes out of style,” says Brittany Haas, founder of Happily Ever Borrowed. Simple veils work best with dramatic dresses because they don’t mask intricate designs on the back of the dress.

Cathedral Knockout

Cathedral veils that are 108 to 137 inches long have made a big comeback recently. “Many brides that are going with the large ballroom dress choose a longer style cathedral length train to really tie in with the traditional church and that long walk down the aisle,” says Tracie Morris, certified wedding planner at You’re the Bride.

Exaggerated Beauty

While a cathedral veil can be stunning, exaggerated veils, which are up to 165 inches, perfectly complement the dress that has a longer train, says Alexis Ambrosino, assistant buyer of accessories at David’s Bridal.

Framed by Lace

Mantilla-inspired veils provide a dramatic look by framing the face with lace. Although they’re historically draped over your head, modern versions can attach with a comb.

Touch of Color

Veils aren’t just shades of white anymore. Some designers are using color in their veils, which is a great way to modernize a traditional accessory.

Metallic elements also keep headpieces on trend by adding a touch of elegant detail. Rose gold is a beautiful and trendy choice, while silver or gold are always in style.

Carefree Birdcage

If you’re wearing a non-traditional dress, consider a non-traditional veil. Brides opting for shorter dresses, a vintage look or even jumpsuits look best with birdcage veils, which cover just part of the face. Today’s versions attach to sleek headbands or combs for an updated look.

Sparkling Sight

Non-veiled headpieces are still en vogue, with many styles to choose, from c-combs around buns to sparkly side combs. Jeweled hairpins are another great option because you can tuck one or several in your hair for a customized look.

Second Course

Whatever you choose, “make sure it’s very comfortable,” says Dareth Colburn, founder and CEO of When you’re wearing it all day, make sure it’s not too tight or heavy or will slip off when you move.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider having a second headpiece for the reception. A simple flower, a sparkly headband or a side comb can maintain your bridal look without getting in your way on the dance floor.

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