Gone are the days of the standard gold wedding band. Now, grooms are all about a ring that matches their personal style and modern taste.

“Grooms don’t want to wear what dad had, necessarily,” says Jack Morris, co-founded of Jordan Jack, an online-based jeweler with a unique home try-on model.

Picking out your wedding ring shouldn’t be a last minute decision. It isn’t just any accessory – it’s a symbol of your lifelong commitment. So, even if you’re not the trendiest guy, you deserve a ring you love.

Not sure what you like? Here are five of the most popular trends in men’s wedding rings today.

1. Contemporary Metals

“Where it’s really gone in the last 10 years, the biggest trends are what are called alternative metals or contemporary metals,” says Morris. This includes metals like stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and cobalt.

These metals come in a variety of colors, ranging from bright silver to a sleek black matte. However, the draw isn’t just the look. Contemporary metal rings also tend to be more durable than traditional soft metals like gold and silver, so they don’t show wear and tear as quickly.

2. Mixed Materials

Another major trend is all about contrast. Whether it’s mixing two complementary metals (like black tungsten and rose gold) or adding wood-inlays (like bamboo or teak) the opposing colors and materials add interest to an otherwise simple band.

3. Black Diamonds

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, black diamonds have become a big hit with the guys according to Morris. Whether you choose a single stone or 10, these dark gemstones are a beautiful, yet still masculine way to make your wedding ring a little more special.

4. Textural Details

Another way to update the classic shiny wedding band is with textural details. From etchings and milgrain to finishes that mimic bark or stone, all of these little changes can make a big difference to an otherwise plain ring.

5. Personalization

What better way to ensure a ring is your style than to add a personal touch? For you, maybe that means adding a pop of colored carbon fibers. Or perhaps you have the date of your wedding engraved on the inside. You can even have your partner’s fingerprint etched onto your ring for an extra special detail.

Of course, it’s not just about the look of the ring – it’s also about the feel. Do you feel comfortable with the ring on your finger? Is it too heavy or too light? Does it feel too tight or too loose?

Morris recommends looking for a ring with a “comfort fit,” which means it is slightly rounded on the inside unlike a straight edge, which feels more like a washer.

He also advises trying the ring out for multiple days, if possible, to make sure it’s a good fit for you. “A lot of guys aren’t used to wearing a ring when they get married,” explains Morris. “It’s getting comfortable with something you’re going to be wearing everyday, hopefully for the rest of your life.”

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