In your quest to find the wedding dress that makes you feel like Cinderella, don’t overlook the smaller details that can pump up your outfit – particularly, the shoes.

“Shoes play a very important role in the bride’s overall look,” says Burju Perez of Burju Shoes, makers of dance and fashion footwear. “It can be a focal point that draws attention to a detail on the dress, the bouquet or perhaps the bridal party color scheme. They can also make a statement or follow a tradition like ‘something blue.’”

While heels are traditional, modern brides have rocked everything from Converse to cowboy boots in recent years. So, with so many different options available, how do you choose?

“What makes a perfect wedding shoe by look is completely up to the person and their own style. But comfort and functionality wise, what makes a perfect wedding shoe is one that is so comfortable that you can stand and dance in them for the entire ceremony and reception. There is nothing worse then having a gorgeous pair of shoes that kill your feet after standing in them for only 30 minutes,” says Burju.

Ready to start shopping? Ensure you find the right pair to tie your whole wedding look together with these expert do’s and don’ts.

DO Shop Around

Cast a wide net when beginning your search and don’t be afraid to try shoes that are outside of your typical style. Your wedding day is a special occasion, so your shoes should be special, too.

DO Match Your Dress Style

“When it comes to matching the shoes to the gown I would suggest going with the same theme of the gown, such as glamorous verses retro or perhaps modern,” says Burju. “From there the color can be anything, especially if the gown is white or ivory. This is a great opportunity to match the bouquet or the color scheme of the bridal party. Or perhaps the bride may want to match the colors of the grooms suit or accessories.”

DON’T Forget About the Location

Just like your dress, your wedding venue should also have some influence on the type of shoes you choose. So, if you’re getting married on a grassy backyard or sandy beach, you don’t want heels that will sink into the ground; flats or wedges would be much more practical.

DON’T Feel Pressured to Go High

Just because a wedding is a formal event doesn’t mean you have to wear sky-high heels. The last thing you want is to stumble down the aisle because you aren’t used to walking in your shoes. “If someone has never walked in heels before I would recommend they start with a 2.5 or 3-inch heel that is on the chunkier side,” says Burju. “Those that are heel fanatics can certainly go as high and as thin as they want. Just keep in mind that the higher the heel the more the foot slides forward and adds pressure to the balls of the feet.”

DON’T Procrastinate

As with any part of wedding planning, waiting until the last minute isn’t a great idea. “Start searching for shoes early. You will need it for dress fittings as well as knowing that you can stand in them,” explains Burju.

DO Have a Trial Period

Even after you select your dream shoes (or multiple pairs!), be sure to try them out at home to see how you feel after an extended period of time. You may also want to practice walking around so they’re not overly stiff on the big day – just be sure to stay indoors to avoid stains or scuff marks!

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