So you’ve popped the question and perhaps booked the limo and DJ. Don’t think your nuptial duties are done. This is the day your bride-to-be has always dreamed up, and it’s up to you (more than you think) to help make it perfect in every way. Asserting yourself in the planning process will not only keep her impressed and unstressed, but you’ll probably have some fun, too – who doesn’t like sampling food and selecting bar packages?

Whether a formal or more casual affair, today’s grooms are keeping style in mind when walking down the aisle. For tuxedo-clad grooms, cummerbunds and bow ties channel a classic feel of sartorial elegance. Grooms who decide to pare down the formality with a suit can still add a pinch of posh by saying yes to the vest and walk the aisle in a three-piece suit. Tie bars and cuff links let you add a bit of personal flash in a very understated way.

The Guys on Your Side

Your groomsmen aren’t just there to usher folks to their seats and, well, look manly. They’re the guys who’ve helped you get to your big day and serve as symbols of the man you are today. Having them stand up with you is your way of showing them how important they are to you and is your way of saying thanks for all that they’ve done. If you’ve been a groomsmen or best man before, you know how fun the experience is, and, most important, the meaning behind it. Enjoy all the pre- and post-wedding time with your guys, but be sure to relish in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your friends and family on the big day. You’ll never have a better time male bonding.

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Got some money burning a hole in those well-worn trousers? Instead of renting yet another tuxedo, take some time to consider purchasing your own tuxedo (or a fancy new suit). After all, this is your wedding, not the prom. And depending on where you shop, you might not be spending an exorbitant amount more than you would be for renting. Plus, you’ll be investing in something you’re going to enjoy and look sharp in for years to come. And when the Academy Awards come calling, you won’t have to worry about renting again.

If your wedding is taking place during prime wedding time (June-September), get measured for and order your tux at least three months before your wedding. The same goes for your groomsmen.

If you’re bypassing the tux for the suit, get your groomsmen to follow suit, too. While their suit styles may differ, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re all walking down the aisle in the same color. Same-colored shirts and/or ties enhance the cohesion. Just make sure they’re wrinkle-free. And, please, show up on time.

Matthew M. F. Miller is the author of “Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” (Wiley, 2014)

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