If you could put it into words, how would you define and describe your bridal style?

You may not quite know the answer to this question yet, which is okay! Your bridal style is the vibe or aesthetic that you are going to be embodying on your wedding day. Typically, your bridal style doesn’t just include the style of your wedding gown, but also your accessories, hair and makeup. All these aspects will most likely complement each other. A few popular bridal styles are romantic, traditional/classic, boho, modern, glamorous and edgy/nontraditional.

Romantic bridal style features tulle, floral details, chiffon and flowy materials. Makeup is soft, maybe with pink hues, and hair is typically loose, soft curls.

Traditional bridal style is your classic sophisticated, long-sleeve, lace detailing, long train vibe. Hair may be put up in a beautiful bun and makeup is light glam/soft and natural.

Boho style features a lot of lace, maybe some off-the-shoulder sleeves, and perhaps a lace train to go with the gown. Hair may be in a loose bun or curled with flowers or accessories placed around. Makeup is also soft and natural.

Modern bridal style may feature sleek, sexy fabrics like silk and satin, and is typically clean-cut and seamless. Hair may be put in a sleek bun or down and straight, and makeup might include a bold lip and darker eye details.

Glamorous bridal style is your beautifully decadent ball gowns, detailed dresses with jewels all around and diamond accessories. Hair is dramatic, and makeup is, well, glam.

Edgy/nontraditional bridal style is not easily describable, but think short dresses, colored gowns, colored hair, bright makeup, or perhaps a black gown or black accents with accessories. Basically, the opposite of what you’d expect at a wedding but hey, the bride makes the rules.

According to the experts at Brides.com and renowned bridal stylist Gabrielle Hurwitz, you need to ask yourself the one question she always poses to her clients: “How do you want to look and feel on your wedding day?”

The best way to approach this question would be to consider your wedding and picture yourself there. What are you wearing? What is the vibe? Are you wearing something flowy and romantic or sleek and sexy?

The answers to these questions may not perfectly align with how your dream Pinterest board looks but they are the answers that will help you define how you want to look on your wedding day.

Sometimes selecting your bridal style coincides with your wedding’s overall theme/aesthetic. For example, if you’re having a garden party themed wedding, your bridal style may be more boho/ floral/ soft. If your wedding will be more glam and upscale, your bridal style may be form-fitting, sexy, and moviestar-esque.

But of course, regardless of whether your bridal style perfectly matches your wedding or just suits how you want to view yourself on your special day; make sure that you’re selecting your style for you and that you stay true to your wishes.

Think about the styles of regular dresses that make you feel the most confident, comfortable and like yourself. What suits your body and personality best? Perhaps you can take your basic daily style to the next level and mention it to your bridal stylist when selecting your dream gown.

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