Trending wedding dress styles change each year, and we are already seeing the top styles that are popular for 2023.

While many popular dress styles are timeless and not necessarily a “new” concept, the trends come and go from popularity as years pass– typically with slight embellishments, enhancements, or small changes to the style.

According to, the most popular trends in recent years have been transitional pieces, bold colorful dresses, and minimalist designs. But there are a few trends that bridal designers have projected will have a big presence throughout 2023.

1. Floral accents

Floral accents have made an appearance throughout the years of wedding fashion during the spring and summer seasons. They are back and better than ever in 2023, with a large emphasis on 3D floral patterns. This includes flowers having a 3D effect on the dress, adding some texture. Some brides may even elect to include real florals in their gown if they are a floral enthusiast and may consider consulting their florist to match the gown to the wedding florals.

2. Dramatic sleeves

Do you love a dramatic sleeve on a wedding gown as much as we do? Billowing sleeves make for a romantic, feminine wedding gown; and we will be seeing a lot more of this style in 2023. Picture a lace or satin gown with long sleeves blowing in the breeze. This style is beautiful for a beach or mountain wedding and can be ideal for chilly and warmer weather! They look stunning with defined silhouettes and ball gowns.

3. Off-the-shoulder styles

Off-the-shoulder gowns are not new to the scene, but paired with dramatic sleeves, and you’ve got a high fashion bridal look. Off-the-shoulder works for long wedding dress styles if that’s your cup of tea, but also looks beautiful with a gown that has a train. Long or short sleeves both suit an off-the-shoulder dress wonderfully. Think “Love Story” by Taylor Swift… that’s the vibe we’re going for in 2023.

4. Embellishments

Along with floral embellishments, brides are leaning more toward bringing back lace detailing, vintage embellishments, and beautiful accents like beading, gems, and subtle patterns. These historically adored vintage wedding dress styles are making a big comeback in 2023, so don’t forget to look closely at the gown at the next wedding you attend. You won’t want to miss the sparkle.

5. Silk slips

While we’re on the topic of vintage comebacks, silk slips are appearing frequently in 2023 bridal fashion. People have a new appreciation for a vintage feel, a subtle gown, and minimalist styles. Silk slips are timeless, easy to dress up or down, perfect for outdoor and indoor weddings, and beautiful to photograph.

6. Tiered skirts

Think about your favorite ballgown style wedding gowns… do they have a straight skirt or are there tiers and layers to it? In 2023, we will be seeing a lot more layered skirts with a tiered look. It’s a high fashion trend that makes wedding gowns stand out amongst the rest, and the flow sure looks beautiful on the dance floor.

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