You’ve said yes to the dress, scheduled your hair and makeup appointment for the big day, and have your dream wedding nails taken care of. Now you just need the perfect shoes.

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day means somehow finding the perfect mix of comfort and fashion. You’ll likely want your shoes to match your dress or provide some sort of bold statement against your dress’ white tones.

And of course, comfort on your wedding day is EVERYTHING. You don’t want to be miserable after a few hours of standing and dancing with the people you love the most, you want to be able to enjoy that time. And having comfortable shoes honestly does make a big difference.

So, when it comes to choosing your shoes, follow this checklist and you’ll be golden!

1. Pick a shoe style

According to, the first step in selecting your perfect wedding shoes is defining your bridal style. What kind of bride do you want to be, and what style or “vibe” do you want to present? From boho to retro to classic/ traditional, there are many options to choose from. Find one that best fits you.

Then, select your shoe style. Your bridal style will help you guide the way, and you can select from stilettos, heels, flats, sandals, or even boots. Scrolling through your previous wedding pins on Pinterest may give you a better idea of the bridal and shoe style that you’d like to hunt for.

2. Decide on a shoe color

Once you’ve picked your shoe style, decide on a color! Some brides use their wedding shoes as their “something blue”, or a traditional blue accessory/ token to keep with them or wear on their special day. If you like the idea of a pop of color to offset the white of your dress, try a brighter, vibrant shoe.

Some brides stick with a lovely white or ivory color to match their dress, and some select an elegant black or neutral tone for their shoes. We recommend bringing a swatch of your dress color/ material shoe shopping with you, or compare how the two would match up together on a virtual wedding mood board.

3. Comfort is key

We beg you to try your wedding shoes on and make sure that you can stand, walk, and dance in them weeks or even months before your wedding day! Comfortable wedding shoes make all of the difference in making sure you can stand, mingle, and dance for hours.

Having the right shoes can help you avoid going barefoot on your wedding day and give you a real advantage on seamlessly making it through the day’s festivities! So, try your shoes on, get memory foam inserts for them, do a lap around your house, and make sure that you are comfortable.

4. Try everything on

Once you have the shoes that you think will best compliment your dress and feet on your wedding day, make sure to try them on with your entire bridal look. Once you see the whole ensemble together, you can make sure these really are the shoes for you!

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