Despite popular belief, not ALL wedding dresses need to be white.

In fact, a wedding dress could be the perfect opportunity to bring a pop of color to the forefront of the celebration. After all, all eyes are on the bride and her wedding day look. Pastel tones are already having a moment in today’s current trends, and that trend will likely continue through the summer.

According to The Knot, wearing a pastel wedding dress highlights a sophisticated pop of color during your wedding. If one of your favorite colors is a pastel, you may also want to consider wearing it on one of the most important days of your life.

If you’re looking for creative ways to tie your color palette together, your wedding dress could wrap the color palette up in a bow. From mint green to baby blue, lavender, and rose-pink tones, there is a lovely pastel hue for every bride who wants to try something non-traditional on her special day.

Here are a few other ways to incorporate pastels into your wedding dress:

1. Ombré style

If you don’t want to commit to a full pastel-toned wedding dress, there are other ways you can add that pop of color to your wedding-day appearance. Try selecting an ombré style wedding dress that’s white at the top and cascades down into the pastel tone of your choice. This is a simple, elegant, and trendy way to bring some color while still wearing a traditional wedding dress.

2. Floral print

You can incorporate one or multiple pastel colors in a floral printed wedding gown. Whether the dress is covered in florals or only a small section; you will stand out in your printed gown and glow with feminine floral energy. Who wouldn’t want that?

3. Pastel tulle

Pastel colors look lovely in tulle – whether it be a full tulle style gown or just a tulle skirt. This fabric will give you a romantic, timeless appearance as a bride and will float beautifully on the dance floor. A tulle train is also stunning and will make you look red-carpet ready as a bride.

4. Lace accents

For a subtle pastel look, try a lace gown with pastel accents. Perhaps the lace layer of the gown is pastel and overlays a classic white slip. Perhaps the entire dress is lace and a very subtle shade of baby blue or lovely lavender. Either way, lace and pastels go hand-in-hand, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Bonus – lace photographs beautifully and looks delicately wonderful against a white background or with flowers.

5. Slip Dress

For a bride who wants her gown to be trendy and sophisticated yet functional, consider a pastel tone slip dress. Slip dresses are flattering, less expensive than large ball gowns or intricate wedding dress styles and are in style in 2022. Pastel tones work well with the silky fabric of a slip dress, and they make it much simpler to dance with your favorite people.

No matter if you wear a full pastel colored gown or opt for pastel accents, your pop of color will be tasteful, trendy, and appreciated during your warm-weather wedding.

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