With bridal shower origins dating back to the late 1800s, it’s no surprise that today’s brides are doing away with old school shower traditions.

Curious how to make the day your own? Here are 3 shower rules modern brides can totally break.

Rule 1: It’s a Girls Only Party

Co-ed showers are becoming more popular among today’s equality-minded couples. Include the groom and other guys (boyfriends, uncles, whoever) in the festivities and make it a party that honors both you and your beau. Just make sure your future spouse is comfortable with it before sending out the invites.

Rule 2: Couples Need to Register for Housewares

Who said couples have to register for fine china and monogramed towels, anyway? Shannon Egler, who married in 2014, registered solely for mason jars, burlap, paints and other craft items so shower attendees could help make the wedding decorations on the spot, with wine and snacks in hand.

“It was a great time!” says the Sycamore, Ill. bride. “Everyone loved seeing their work displayed at the ceremony and reception.”

Rule 3: Only Wedding Guests are Invited

Bridal shower invitations don’t have to stop at those who are invited to the wedding. This is especially true for couples who had to cut their wedding guest list short.

Feel free to extend a bridal shower invite to all your nearest and dearest — they’ll likely be excited to still get a chance to celebrate with you.

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