A first look is thought to be a modern wedding moment, one that gives two people who are about to be married a mutual sneak preview of perhaps the most important (and special) outfit they’ll ever wear. This could be for the sake of a photo, or just for a special moment before the business of a wedding. There are many things to consider when deciding whether to carve a few moments out of your wedding day to exchange a first look.

When deciding whether or not to have a first look, it’s first and foremost important to make sure both people are on the same page. After all, one person may want to wait until the ceremony. A compromise might be to speak to each other in a private location before the wedding without actually exchanging a glance. An example could be standing on each side of a large tree or wearing blindfolds. Couples could exchange an intimate moment or calming words without technically have a “first look.”

Many couples might opt out of this modern aspect of a wedding day for multiple reasons. Perhaps couples want to hold onto that element of surprise; and a bride may want to wait until she walks down the aisle to share her dress and wedding-day look with her partner. After all, wedding dress shopping and hair and makeup application takes months to plan and hours to execute, so some brides might prefer for their hard work and beauty to be appreciated by everyone at once.

However, the idea of a private, intimate moment between two couples who are about to be married has a unique appeal to it. A wedding day is usually jam-packed with activities; from getting ready, to taking photos (before or after), and everything in between. It might help both parties calm their nerves, and give them some time alone together before the wedding unfolds.

Another consideration that couples may experience is whether or not a first look will “ruin” the traditional first look at the ceremony. Guests typically love to see a groom overwhelmed with emotion as his bride walks down the aisle, and many photographers love to capture this shot. However, the emotion will be there no matter where and when the first look takes place.

According to Brides.com contributor Carrie Patterson, “A first look definitely does not spoil the ceremony. You’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what, so if you want to see your partner, don’t skip it.”

First look photographs are some of the most emotional and moving memories captured on a wedding day. Couples love to see the expression on their partners face when they see the person they are about to marry in their tux or gown, and many want this in a photo to cherish for years to come. This reason alone is why some couples prefer an intimate first look, or a “reveal.” This trend is seen often in modern wedding day photography. On the flip side of this, couples will have to get ready earlier in the day for photos.

It’s a moment unlike any other when you see the person that you are about to spend the rest of your life with and think of them as your husband/wife. Whether or not a planned “first look” is a part of your wedding day, the first glance exchanged between you and the love of your life will be undoubtedly special, intimate, and everything you’ve hoped for.

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