Whether you’re the college roommate, childhood best friend or brother, it’s a big deal to be asked to be the best man. As your buddy’s big day approaches, here’s what you need to know about your best man duties.

Before the Wedding

• Help the other groomsmen with renting (or buying) their formal wear and accessories. This could include going to an actual store or helping the other guys shop online.

• Arrange the bachelor party with the assistance of other groomsmen. Be sure to listen to your groom about his wishes to ensure everyone has a good time.

• Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so you know what to do on the big day.

• Offer emotional support and reassurance to the groom. This is arguably the best man’s biggest responsibility, so help keep those cold feet at bay.

On the Big Day

• Ensure all of the groomsmen arrive on time, stay sober and remain presentable.

• Hold onto the rings leading up to the ceremony for safekeeping (seriously, don’t lose them!)

• Serve as a witness and sign the marriage license.

• Deliver a heartfelt and (hopefully) funny toast at the reception.

• Celebrate the newly wedded couple! Dance with the bride, family members and the bridal party, and remember to have a good time.

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