Many couples try their best to greet each and every guest during their wedding day, but why is this so important?

Well, there are a few reasons why you should “make the rounds” during your reception and say hi to your wedding guests.

First, your closest friends and family members came to show you love and support while you marry the love of your life. No pressure!

But seriously, do take some time out of your busy lineup of events to thank them for being there and maybe snap a few photos with them as a newly wedded couple. A little bit of affection and attention for your loved ones will go a long way, and they’ll be so appreciative that you took the time to speak with them.

In addition to carving out some time for your closest friends and family, it’s also good wedding etiquette to try and make an appearance at every table/ group of people. Consider that some of these people may have traveled into town for your wedding, made arrangements, or planned a trip. It’s considerate of you to show them some love! No need to make the “greeting” long or drawn out, just a quick “hello, thank you so much for coming!” or “I am so glad you could make it, we really appreciate it” is all that’s needed.

While it may be impossible to speak to each wedding guest one-on-one, there are ways to mingle and make the rounds quickly and efficiently. This is your wedding after all, and it’s MOST important that you enjoy it. But you can do so while still greeting/ welcoming the majority of your guests.

Here’s how:

1. Approaching groups

If you are having a sit-down dinner or a cocktail hour after your ceremony, try and approach people in a group setting. This way, you can speak to, welcome, and thank multiple people at once; most likely people who already know each other and would love to welcome the bride and groom into their conversation.

2. Dance floor mingling

Didn’t get the chance to approach everyone during the sit-down portion of the reception? No worries, that’s what the dance floor is for. You can enjoy your DJ, band, or entertainment on the dance floor while greeting/ saying hi to everyone who is out there. This is a great space for consolidated pleasantries while having fun and letting loose with your guests.

3. Cake cutting convos

If you’ve reached the portion of the wedding where folks are enjoying cake and speeches, you can make a few rounds and say hello to some more guests. At this point, the wedding is likely a few hours in, so the vibe will probably be more laid back and intimate. This is such a meaningful time to have conversations with your guests!

Whether you pull your loved ones aside for a meaningful chat during your special day or make your rounds to as many guests as you can, remember to enjoy the day without making this your top priority. You’ll most likely greet most of your guests either way, and they’ll be thrilled to celebrate with you.

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