Your wedding guests are coming to your special day to support you and the love of your life, why not give them an exciting experience?

There are currently so many wedding experience ideas circulating social media, Pinterest, and wedding publications. A traditional ceremony and reception are still standard for the celebration, but there are so many ways to make your guests feel special by providing a unique, exciting wedding day experience that they will talk about for years to come.

From providing cool favors to adding photo ops, installations, and activities to the ceremony; it’s a great idea to leave a few Easter eggs for your guests to enjoy during the festivities (if it’s in the budget).

Here are five ideas to enhance your wedding day experience for your guests:

1. Champagne wall

You might have seen this new trend circulating on your social feeds; and it makes for a functional yet exciting experience. A champagne wall is basically a designated wall in your reception with fixtures holding champagne glasses up and down the wall.

You can outsource to vendors to make this vision come to life with plant and flower decorations; inviting guests to come grab a glass and enjoy a photogenic toast. These walls are also great opportunities to encourage guest photos using your wedding day hashtag.

2. Game station

According to, including a game station into your wedding day festivities is a great way to encourage your guests to kick back and have a good time. Consider those who may not want to dance during the duration of the reception; or want to have options when it comes to entertainment for the evening.

If you have an outside patio or section during the reception; consider placing cornhole, giant jenga, and darts around for people to enjoy. If you only have inside space, you could turn a reception table into a designated game station or invite guests to bring board games to their tables after dinner.

3. Fire pit

If your wedding is in the fall or winter and you have outdoor space, consider putting a fire pit outside to encourage guests to gather around and roast some smores. This could be a great, intimate way for people to get to know each other and enjoy some yummy treats. An experience like this can bring a casual, laid back aspect to the wedding that many guests will enjoy.

4. Craft station

Instead of giving your guest favors to take with them, set up a craft station so that they can make their own favors. A few ideas could be a create your own flower bouquet station, making a piece of jewelry, a candle making station, or an artistic endeavor like a mini painting, drawing, etc. This will create a unique experience for your guests, and give them a chance to try something new.

If you really want to get artsy with it, buy a huge canvas and have your guests add some color and an artistic touch to it. You could then have a gift for you to display in your own home– one that everyone contributed to.

5. Unique guest book

Your guest book is something you will keep and cherish for years to come. The only issue that tends to happen at the wedding is your guests are spending so much time enjoying the dancing, food and conversation – they can often forget to write down their congratulations!

Today, there are many creative and fun ways for your guests to leave their congratulatory remarks for you and your new spouse. Try to find one of those classic phone guest book experiences, where you guests leave you a voicemail instead of a written note. Or, if you would like to keep it in written form try to find something that speaks to you or your partner’s hobbies. For example, do you and your partner love wine? Have them sign a very large bottle of your favorite red. Do you both enjoy surfing? Get a surfboard for them to sign that you can hang in your home. How you allow your guests to leave their mark can keep them talking for many years to come.

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