A newly wedded couple’s first dance is a beautiful, intimate moment shared between the two for their loved ones to happily witness.

While this lovely moment is meant to be enjoyed, there is some preparation that goes into making the first dance happen. According to The Knot, the first dance song selection is one of the most important music selections of the entire day.

Aside from the song selection, the dance style itself, choreography, and presentation are all aspects of the first dance to be considered.

We recommend taking these four steps when deciding how you want to execute your first dance.

1. Upbeat or slow?

Do you want to dance to an upbeat bop or a slow love ballad? This is the first choice that you should make, because this decision influences the rest of the planning process for your first dance. So, think about this: do you want to have a slow, romantic, meaningful moment with the love of your life? Or do you want to enjoy a fun, exciting, upbeat jam?

Some couples even take it a step further to get the best of both worlds and create a mash up that starts slow and breaks out into an up-beat pop song to wow their guests. This can be a fun secret to keep with your fiancé that is sure to leave your loved ones talking about for moments to come post-celebration.

These are some of your first moments as a couple, so what truly matters here is if you’re both happy with the dance style that you choose. After all, the crowd will just melt away when you’re newlyweds sharing a dance.

2. Song selection

Once you decide if you want your first dance to be fast-paced or if you want to take it slow, it’s time to decide on a song. The key with this choice is to avoid overthinking it! What is a song that you and your partner both love, have seen in concert together, or sing together on long car trips? Once you think about special moments between the two of you involving music, you may be able to narrow your choices down to a few songs that mean something to you as a couple.

If you already have a “song” together as a couple, even better! If it’s dance-worthy, it’ll be meaningful to incorporate this into your wedding.

3. Choreography

Do you find a choreographed first dance adorable or cheesy? If your initial thought is adorable and fun, this may be the right choice for you. Make sure that your partner is on board with taking dance classes and learning a dance or even just collaborating with you to bust a few moves.

Learning this dance could be a fun activity for you to do as a couple, bringing you even closer together and subsiding the stress of wedding planning for a few hours each week. Plus, chances are your guests will be very entertained watching you put on a show. If this is in your comfort zone and sounds like a fun idea across the board, go for it! Whether you’ve chosen a slow or fast paced song, you can find a local dance class to teach you a few steps to do.

4. Practice

So, you’ve selected a song, have decided on choreographing a dance or not, and are ready for the big moment. Don’t forget to practice! Whether it be just a few times pre-wedding in the kitchen with your partner or you’re committed to taking dance lessons to amplify your groove; be sure to practice your special dance before the wedding so you don’t get stage fright when you get on the floor.

Always remember, the moment of your first dance is to have fun and create a special moment between you and your new spouse. Just take a deep breath and be present with your partner – it will a great time no matter how you chose to bust a move.

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