A wedding altar is thought of as the “backdrop” to a wedding ceremony. This backdrop can be customized to fit the wedding theme, bridal aesthetic or to incorporate personal touches from the bride and groom. In a day and age where wedding decor is highly noticed, and elegantly beautiful decor is highly sought-after, a lovely altar is usually one of the first things that a wedding planner or bride wants to check off their decor to-do list.

According to Brides.com, the altar can completely set the scene for the entire wedding and define the entire wedding theme. No pressure- the altar could be as simplistic or intricate as you’d want it to be. After all, it is often thought of as the centerpiece of your wedding, and during the ceremony, most eyes will be focused on the altar and the action happening there.

There are a few starting points to consider when mining for altar inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.

1. Minimalistic Altars

An “altar” can technically be whatever the backdrop to your nuptials is-- and some couples even consider that to be the scenery of their ceremony. A minimalistic altar can range from a beautiful background of a destination wedding (think mountains, a garden, the beach, a cityscape, etc.) to a simplistic archway behind the betrothed couple and the minister. Perhaps include a few lowkey lanterns for charm, but a lovely backdrop speaks for itself as an altar.

2. Floral/ Greenery Structures

Floral altars are having a moment in the wedding industry, but these beautiful, timeless pieces are always having a moment. The great thing about using florals in your altar is that you can use flowers as a way to establish a wedding color palette, theme, or tie other decor accents together. A large, floral chuppah to stand under during the ceremony is always beautiful in an outdoor space, or you could use floral accents across a stage, table, podium, etc.

A greenery altar/ structure is also very popular right now and is often used as a backdrop for photos after the ceremony. Flowers are also often incorporated into this piece, and it can be suspended or in the shape of a large wall. Many think of this as a type of “art installation,” and it’s always a standout piece during a wedding ceremony.

3. Sheer Drapery

If floral structures or simplistic archways aren’t your jam, perhaps a sheer drapery will add a lovely touch of romanticism to your altar. Many weddings incorporate some type of sheer curtain/ draping to exchange vows under; a beautiful, affordable, yet stylistic choice. A curtain can be draped across the stage, or a few lowkey fabric pieces could accent the surrounding decor. This type of altar design is a great choice for a Boho-themed wedding or a more modern event.

These are just a few ideas to incorporate an altar into your wedding ceremony, but each wedding has its own unique flavor/ theme/ aesthetic. Play around with altar inspiration, and perhaps combine a few elements from your favorite altar setup to find your perfect, show-stopping wedding centerpiece.

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