Flower girls are usually adorable kids who sprinkle flower petals down the aisle as wedding guests watch in awe. According to Brides.com, these honorary wedding party members usually precede the bride down the aisle, and are sometimes accompanied by a young ring bearer to carry down the wedding rings. The precious duo is usually related to the bride or groom, and return to their parents’ side after their role in the ceremony.

However, a recent trend has come to light during spring of 2021 and it’s spreading like wildfire. Instead of an adorable little girl spreading flowers and joy as she skips down the aisle, grown men have found their place as “flower dudes” instead.

The “flower dude” trend, like many other trends in this day and age, began on TikTok. It all started with the #flowerdude hashtag, which now has millions of views and has undoubtedly taken the internet by storm. In the original TikTok video, the flower dude was wearing a fanny pack that held flower petals. He walked to an upbeat rock song, and coordinated dropping the petals to the beat of the music. The wedding guests were heard laughing, bringing as much joy to the wedding as the traditional, adorable flower girl would have. A few other popular TikTok videos feature two flower dudes and a coordinated petal routine, unique additions to the traditional groomsmen outfit (like brightly colored suspenders) to incorporate even more humor into the act, and full out dance routines with the occasional flower dropping.

This trend is perfect for a wedding where the couple is light-hearted, fun-loving, and has a humorous friend group; but would bring a bit of laughter and unexpected comedy to really any wedding. Since this video first went viral, many weddings adopted the idea of a flower dude into their ceremony. Usually, this role is assumed by a groomsman that is already in the wedding, so that he can take his place next to the groom after he’s finished decorating the aisle. The flower dude trend could really be executed by anyone, but it is undoubtedly funny to see a man delicately placing petals on the aisle before one of his best buddies ties the knot.

Overall, the flower dude trend brings some light hearted, comedic energy to the wedding ceremony before it even begins. It can serve to set a laid-back tone, make guests feel comfortable, and kick the party off in a positive way. This is a unique idea because many weddings follow a more-or-less traditional chain of events, which is wonderful, but sometimes it pays off to mix things up a bit an incorporate some of the couple’s personality into even the more serious moments of their special day. If this trend would ease some nerves for the wedding party, make the happy couple smile before the big moment, and even get a chuckle from the audience; it’s worth a try.

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