It’s time to get down to it and write your proclamation of love for your forever partner. No pressure or anything!

Seriously though, writing your vows seems like a much more daunting task than it actually is. Every couples’ vows will always be different; as each couple has their own version of love. Some may exchange silly vows to make each other and the guests laugh. Some may exchange long, poetic versions of their love on paper.

According to, writing your own vows is special because it gives you a chance to tell your friends and family your love story– and whatever details that you want to include in the telling of it. It gives you the opportunity to share with your partner what you love most about them and your life together before tying the knot.

When putting a pen to paper, there are a few things that might help you along the way. Try these five tips when sitting down to write your vows.

1. Mention what you love about them

It will mean a lot to your partner to hear exactly what you love about them before you marry them. Let them know how much they mean to you and WHY. What gestures do they do that you appreciate? What about their personality do you love the most? What made you fall in love with them in the first place? These are great questions to ask yourself and incorporate the answers into your heartfelt vows.

2. Talk about your favorite memories

What are your absolute most cherished memories with your partner? Whatever comes to mind first, write those core memories down. Don’t think too hard on this– even just going to the grocery store and laughing together on the car ride over can be a special memory that your partner would love to share with you.

3. Speak on your future life together

Think about the plans that you and your partner have already made for the future after marriage, and perhaps bring some of those ideas up. You don’t have to get too personal, but it’s always exciting to look forward to the future during a wedding. If you have travel plans, want to have a family, are moving soon or buying a house… any of these exciting plans can translate to a promise of the future to your loved one during the vows.

4. Funny tidbits

While we aren’t suggesting you make your wedding vows a standup comedy set for your closest friends and family members, try to lighten the mood with a bit of humor if you’re up for it. Your family would love to laugh along with you at this moment, and you could even talk about some inside jokes that you share with your partner. Without embarrassing each other, there are many ways to incorporate funny stories that you’ve had together into your vows.

5. Saying “I love you”

While this tip might be blatantly obvious when writing a proclamation of love, it’s always a great feeling to tell your partner that you love them and have them say it back. This might help calm both of your nerves, ground you to the reason you’re at the altar, and even wrap the vows up in a beautiful bow.

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