Every wedding, of course, has a wedding cake. This cake is usually multi-layered, elegant, and on-theme with the rest of the wedding. It typically boasts delicious, delicate flavors. But perhaps the groom would enjoy a separate cake for himself and his groomsmen, for just them to indulge in. This “groom’s cake” idea is not new to the wedding industry, but grows increasingly popular each year.

According to Brides.com, a groom’s cake is the perfect opportunity to allow a groom’s personality and taste to shine through; especially if many wedding ideas originated from the bride. Many times, the future bride will plan a groom’s cake for her fiance to surprise him on their wedding day. It doesn’t have to be a surprise, the cake itself is sure to bring a smile to his face either way. Photographers-- take notes! This is also a wonderful photo opportunity for the groomsmen and for solo snaps of the groom himself enjoying the surprise.

Some weddings incorporate personal details about the happy couple into the ceremony or reception, and the groom’s cake is a wonderful opportunity to highlight that part of his life. After all, if people are attending your wedding; they care about you and want to learn more about your life as a couple and individuals at your wedding.

As for selecting a groom’s cake, his personal interests typically play a huge role in the decoration of the cake. For example, some groom’s cakes are nicely-done, realistic depictions of beer kegs, a sport’s team/ jersey, or an Xbox; depending on how he spends his time or what he truly enjoys. The first important tip for selecting a groom’s cake would be to determine his favorite thing (besides his bride, of course) and how it could be created in cake form.

Perhaps the bride had her heart set on a chocolate cake, but the groom would have preferred strawberry or vanilla. The groom’s cake is not only the perfect opportunity to give his interests a chance to shine at the wedding, but his flavor preferences too! If the wedding cake was a compromise or the bride’s flavor of choice, the groom gets to enjoy whichever flavor he prefers, and share with his groomsmen.

After selecting a design and flavor, the final step is to find a bakery that can make your groom’s cake dreams a reality. Perhaps they need to specialize in fondant decoration, or know how to form a cake that resembles a 6 pack of Bud Light. If flavor takes the cake over decoration (no pun intended), maybe the groom has a favorite bakery in town and would prefer a simple cheesecake or triple chocolate masterpiece. Surprising the groom with his favorite cake will have the same effect as surprising him with a decadent themed cake. Cake is cake is cake, after all!

The addition of a groom’s cake is a fun way to add some surprise and sentimental value to a wedding reception. Once you have a basic cake idea, it’s time to reach out to bakeries and start collaborating!

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