Cake is a longstanding tradition for big life celebrations and weddings are no exception. However, that doesn’t mean that planning your wedding cake is simple.

To prevent your sweet dessert from going sour, here are expert answers to the some of the most common wedding cake-related questions.

Do we have to cut the cake in front of all our guests?

While cake cutting is a common wedding tradition, it’s certainly not a requirement, says Meredith Rousseau, owner of Artisan Bake Shop.

“Sometimes just having your cake on display in the reception space is enough,” she adds. Then, once everyone is enjoying dinner, you can simply have your catering staff cut the cake behind the scenes.

When should we cut the cake?

If you opt to do a public cake cutting ceremony, you should do so once the majority of your guests have finished dinner. That way, everyone has a chance to partake before the dancing starts.

What’s the best way to cut the cake?

Cake cutting seems pretty straightforward – until you’re doing it in expensive clothes in front of an audience. Avoid a potential mess by cutting a small wedge shaped slice in the bottom tier with both your hands on the knife. Then, leave the rest to the professional by letting your caterer cut slices for your guests.

How do we preserve part of the cake?

If, per tradition, you want to save your top tier for your first anniversary, “be sure to wrap the cake in plastic wrap and foil,” advises Rousseau. “Thaw it while wrapped in the refrigerator for a day or two before enjoying!”

Do we have to serve cake at our wedding?

Of course not! While cake may be conventional, other desserts have become increasingly popular in recent years. So, if you want to serve pies, doughnuts or even milk and cookies – go for it. It is your wedding after all and therefore should reflect your tastes.

When should we order the cake?

The standard timeline for ordering your wedding cake is about six months before the big day. If you have your heart set on a smaller bakery, though, you should try to book as soon as possible to make it on their schedule.

How much cake should we order?

Your baker should have a recommendation based on your guest count, but in general you’ll want to have enough cake for 75 percent of your guests. If you plan on having supplemental desserts, like cupcakes, you can get away with a small main cake.

How do we find the right cake for us?

“Your cake should be a reflection of your personality both for the exterior decor and the interior flavor. Looking at photos of cakes on your cake designers website and social media will help you to choose a cake that suits you,” says Rousseau.

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